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Jennette McCurdy Is Not a Role Model

Now that her Nickelodeon show is has been canceled, and no one is really talking about her anymore, Jennette McCurdy has decided to release an essay telling us all that she isn’t a role model, and in turn, making us ……


Did Snoop Dogg Smoke Weed at the White House?

Snoop Dogg has probably smoked weed at every location on the planet, but recently he told a story that involved him smoking weed at the White House. Judging from what Snoop Dogg is known for (weed, smoking, and smoking weed) ……


Miley Cyrus Goes Topless (Again)

Well, here’s one of the most unsurprising headlines we’ve had in a while: Miley Cyrus, whose hobbies include getting attention and getting more attention, posted a photo for all of social media to see of her posing topless.

For those few ……


Jason Biggs Inserts his Foot into his Mouth Again

Jason Biggs is one of those people who will never think before they speak, and therefore will continue to say stupid, vile things until he slowly dissolves into irrelevancy. On Monday, Biggs took the time while co-hosting The View to ……


Sandra Bullock Encountered Her Stalker Outside Her Bedroom

Aside from unable to contact their plastic surgeon, and having to star in a movie with Adam Sandler, having a stalker is a celebrity’s biggest fear. Sandra Bullock recently had to deal with her own stalker, and she got a ……


Katherine Heigl Doesn’t Think She’s Difficult Too Work With

Apparently Katherine Heigl doesn’t believe she is difficult to work with, and was very vocal to make sure others know that she isn’t a crazy witch as some say.

While attending the Television Critics Association to promote her new show and ……


LeBron James Returning to Cleveland Cavaliers

Basketball superstar LeBron James has finally made a decision on what uniform he will be putting on next, and it isn’t as over-hyped or as “dramatic” as having an entire TV special about it, but James has decided to return ……


Mel Gibson Feels Bad for Shia LaBeouf

If there is someone that you probably don’t want pity from, or someone you don’t want any consolation from it’s Mel Gibson, but that is exactly what Shia LaBeouf is receiving as even Gibson has decided to put in his ……