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The Walking Dead Recap 10/19/14 ‘Strangers’ – Season 5 Ep. 2

The Walking Dead kicked off season 5 with quite the bang. On the episode of Walking Dead entitled, ‘No Sanctuary’ we saw Rick and the others escape from Terminus, Carol reunite with the group, and Rick finally reuniting with his ……


The Walking Dead Recap 10/12/2014 ‘No Sanctuary’

When we last saw our small group of survivors on ‘The Walking Dead” they were in a dire circumstance: being held hostage by the bizarre people of Terminus. Rick, Glenn, and the others are locked in a train cart, as ……


Justin Bieber Arrested

Well, looks like Justin Bieber is at it again as it sounds like when he is not making terrible music and giving us more reasons to despise him, he is getting arrested and that is actually what happened again.

This past ……


Kate Upton Responds to Phone Hacking

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or you’re a part of an Amish community, then you probably didn’t hear that a massive celebrity phone hacking occurred yesterday, and hundreds of private pictures of celebrities were posted for all to ……


Full House Returning to TV?

If that sort-of cringe-worthy mini-reunion on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon wasn’t enough, well then you might be giddy at this bit of news as there are reports that the Full House clan might be gearing up for a ……


Miley Cyrus Has Just Had a Breakthrough

Stop the presses! (do people still say that?) Miley Cyrus has had a breakthrough, and apparently she has decided to use her fame and fortune for good, instead of using it to lick things and dance with little people.

At last ……


Nicki Minaj Explains Wardrobe Malfunction

Sure, the VMAs were awful as usual, but there were some moments that were fairly interesting: the homeless guy that accepted a VMA on Miley Cyrus’ behalf, the long “everything is about me” performance by Beyonce, and oh yes, the ……


Gwyneth Paltrow Happy for Chris Martin’s New Relationship

Every so often, just when we feel that we won’t hear much from Gwyneth Paltrow anymore, she decides to remind us that she is an actual person in existence as she has decided to weigh in on Chris Martin and ……