The Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe Season Finale Spoilers – Who She Chooses and Photos

By on July 25, 2015

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The Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Bristowe has had an interesting season, with enough drama for several seasons. It wasn’t an easy journey for Kaitlyn  but she is at the end of her journey, with two remaining contestants who are both hoping to receive the final rose.

The remaining contestants are Shawn Booth and Nick Viall. The last two men despise each other and have made it known, speaking ill of each other throughout the season. Who will Kaitlyn choose – or will she choose anyone? Her relationship with Shawn has survived several emotional bombshells, including her revealing to him she slept with his arch nemesis,Nick Viall. Shawn is extremely jealous – but is it just of Nick or is this his personality? Will his jealous nature sabotage her connection with him? Or will she be willing to say yes to his proposal.

Meanwhile, her relationship with Nick has been undeniably passionate and intense. But what will happen when their physical attraction fades?

This week we will see who Kaitlyn chooses. She loves two men. Will she be able to make a final decision or will she decide to walk away from the both of them?

In the two hour season finale, we will meet Kaitlyn’s family, who will meet the final two men. Kaitlyn’s mother makes a point of telling Kaitlyn that jealousy won’t necessarily make someone a good husband. If Shawn gets picked, will these problems continue in the outside world? Or is it really just Nick Viall who is the problem. According to Kaitlyn’s mother, Kaitlyn has a “big” personality that isn’t just going to go away, and that personality draws people to her. How will Shawn react to that if Kaitlyn is his wife? Kaitlyn’s personality makes it so she is the center of attention. Will Shawn be able to handle it or will it end up driving them apart?

Find out who walks away with the final rose on the next page and check out the amazing photos too!!

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