The Bachelorette Kaitlyn Season Finale Recap 7/27/15 – The Winner Is….

By on July 27, 2015

The Bachelorette with Kaitlyn Bristowe will air its last episode of the season tonight, July 27, 2015. Kaitlyn will choose the ‘final one’ who she will (hopefully) spend the rest of her life. Will it be Shawn Booth or Nick Viall?  In a reunion with previous Bachelors and Bachelorettes they weighed in and revealed who they thought would win the final rose. Check out who the Bachelor and Bachelorettes chose here.

Before Kaitlyn chooses her final pick, we will meet her family. Kaitlyn’s family will join her so they can meet the final two men. Kaitlyn’s mom is asking the tough questions of Nick and of Kaitlyn. For Nick she informs him he was a bit arrogant on the last season of The Bachelorette with Andi Dorfman and this makes her question whether he is a good choice for her daughter. For Kaitlyn she wants to know if she will be okay living with someone who is the jealous type like Shawn Booth has shown himself to be.

With Shawn and Nick hating each other, this has made it even more difficult for Kaitlyn. She has to choose between two men who can’t stand each other.

The official synopsis for tonight’s episode says the following:

With a possible proposal just days away, Kaitlyn introduces both men to her family in Los Angeles. Family is extremely important to Kaitlyn, so it is essential that these meetings go well. Who will make a lasting impression?

The family is first introduced to an extremely nervous Nick. Kaitlyn’s mom expresses her concern about Nick’s reputation as an unfriendly, overconfident man. Will he be able to convince her family that he is in love with the Bachelorette and he really is a nice guy? Next, Shawn attempts to dissuade Kaitlyn’s family that his reputation for having an intense jealous streak won’t get in the way of his love for their daughter.
Kaitlyn has important last dates with both men before the proposal day. She takes a romantic boat ride with Nick and realizes their red hot chemistry is for real and can picture a future with him. Her second date with Shawn gets off to a rocky start, as they spend an afternoon at a beautiful winery. So many things remain unsaid between them. Will their original passion keep them together or is it the end of the road for the couple?
The final days of Kaitlyn’s journey are filled with questions. Then, in a surprising, explosive ending, she must do the hardest thing she has ever done. Will her trip of self-discovery end with her accepting a proposal or will she end up all alone?

The two remaining men are:
Nick, 34, a software sales executive from Chicago, IL
Shawn B., 28, a personal trainer from Windsor Locks, CT

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The next page will reveal the details for tonight’s episode and the winner is on the last page.

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