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The Walking Dead Recap 11/16/14 ‘Consumed’ Season 5 Ep. 6

A big revelation occurred on last week’s episode of The Walking Dead titled ‘Self Help‘ as we learned that Eugene is not a scientist and there is no cure, and because of that, Abraham may have beaten Eugene to death.

On ……


The Blacklist TV Recap 11/10/14 “The Decemberist”

Last week on The Blacklist…an assassin known only as The Scimitar is after America’s top nuclear scientists in retaliation for a joint assassination of an Iranian scientist by The Mossad and The CIA. The Scimitar actually dupes the task force ……


The Walking Dead Recap 11/09/14 ‘Self Help’ Season 5 Ep. 5

Last week on ‘The Walking Dead,’ in an episode titled ‘Slabtown’ we finally got to see where Beth has been up to this entire time. Beth is revealed to be at a hospital amongst another group of survivors led by ……


The Blacklist TV Recap 11/3/14 “The Scimitar”

Last week on The Blacklist…Reddy put Liz and the FBI on the trail of The Mambasa Cartel, the largest poaching organization in the world after the skinned bodies of international animal poachers begin washing up. Once the origin of the ……


The Walking Dead Recap 11/02/14 ‘Slabtown’ Season 5 Ep. 4

Shocking deaths occurred in last week’s episode of The Walking Dead. Titled ‘Four Walls and a Roof,’ we saw the death of Bob from a Walker bite, and the death of Garrett and the other Terminus people at the hands ……


Criminal Minds Recap 10/29/14 – “Boxed In”

This week’s episode of Criminal Minds was directed by series star, Thomas Gibson, and written by Virgil Williams. The Halloween episode opens with a variety of people minding their own business, as they walk amongst a San Diego pumpkin patch. ……


American Horror Story: Freakshow Recap 10/29/14- Edward Mordrake Part II

American Horror Story had some major bombshells this week, in addition to tons of exposition. We saw the most haunting passing of the torch of all time, as well as the back stories of almost all of the freaks.

AHS opened ……


The Walking Dead Recap 10/26/14 ‘Four Walls and a Roof’ Season 5 Ep. 3

On last week’s episode of The Walking Dead titled ‘Strangers,’ Rick and the others meet a mysterious preacher who isn’t exactly who he seems, and Bob lost a leg because Garrett and his people were…hungry.

On tonight’s episode titled ‘Four Walls ……