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Teen Wolf Recap 7/21/14 – ‘I.E.D’ Season 4 Ep. 5

This week on Teen Wolf, there is someone out there hunting down all the supernatural creatures of Beacon Hills. Who has that much time on their hands?

A young girl is running for her life at the high school performing incredible ……


MasterChef TV Recap 7/21/14 “The Top 13 Compete”

Last week on MasterChef…The Top 14 competed as Red and Blue Teams working in a diner. The twist was that the judges chose the teams and they chose boys v. girls with the exception being each team was allow to ……


American Ninja Warrior Recap – St. Louis Finals – 7/21/14

On last week’s episode of American Ninja Warrior history was made when Kacy Catanzaro became the first woman ever to complete a City Finals course, and tonight there’s sure to be more thrills as the competition heads to St. Louis, ……


General Hospital Recap for July 14, 2014 – July 18, 2014

This week in Port Charles…RIP, Rafe; Maxie sides with Levi against Nathan; and Nina continues to plot against Sam and Silas.

Franco is flush with success with his first patients at General Hospital. Granted they were in the pediatric ward and ……


Emma Stone on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart 7/17/14

On Thursday’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart chats with Emma Stone and discusses impeachment while Jessica Williams looks into Army uniforms.
“It’s time to impeach!” said an enthusiastic Sarah Palin in a new video on her Facebook page. Palin posted a video ……


Jerry Seinfeld on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart 7/16/14

On Wednesday’s new Daily Show, Jon Stewart talks with Jerry Seinfeld, and discusses highway funding and declassified complaints with a secret guest.
America’s infrastructure is growing more and more decrepit, with 25% of the country’s bridges in need of repair. But ……


Hillary Clinton on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart 7/15/14

On Tuesday’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart talks with Hillary Clinton and discusses the immigration crisis.
Jon Stewart started tonight’s show with the family friendly “America’s Immigration Crisis: Kids Edition.” Thousands of children are coming up through the Mexican border without any ……


Halt and Catch Fire Recap 07/13/14 – Giant

Last week, Halt and Catch Fire confronted Hurricane Alicia: Gordon went to great lengths for a Cabbage Patch Doll, and witnesses the wrath of the hurricane in an electrocuted corpse; Cameron and Joe reconsider the nature of their relationship, and ……