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General Hospital Recap for February 23 to February 27

This week General Hospital, in Port Charles…Spencer and Emma are in danger; Maxie is torn between Nathan and Spinelli; and Silas has a surprising secret!
Maxie arrives at Kelly’s with baby Georgie just in time to hear Spinelli confess to Nathan ……


The Blacklist TV Recap 2/26/15 “The Deer Hunter”

Last week on The Blacklist…the leader of a religious militia vanished and Reddy informed the team that the group made their money hiding illegal goods on their property. Soon afterwards policemen are killed by apparent members of the group so ……


The Blacklist TV Recap 2/19/15 “The Kenyon Family”

Last week on The Blacklist…the apparent kidnapping of a priest took Liz and Reddy to Uzbekistan because he was actually a CIA Agent and the kidnapper is a former associate of Reddy’s. Things are more complex than they seem because ……


The Blacklist TV Recap 2/12/15 “Rusian Denisov”

When we last saw the hit television series The Blacklist Luther Braxton survived the attack on the prison to kidnap Liz and probe her memory about the location of “The Fulcrum.” He also kidnapped the son of a doctor, who once ……


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General Hospital Recap for Week of February 6, 2015

General Hospital had an exciting week this week with Franco going to great lengths for Nina; Sonny proving just how much he loves his sons; and answers to Fluke’s real identity beginning to surface.
At the Elm Street house Dante comes ……


The Blacklist TV Recap 2/5/15 “Luther Braxton: The Conclusion”

Last time on The Blacklist…Reddy allowed himself to be captured and taken to a top secret prison to stop Luther Braxton, another super criminal who’d allowed himself to be captured and taken to the same place in order to steal ……


The Blacklist TV Recap 2/1/15 “Luther Braxton”

Last time on…The Blacklist. Everything seemed to wrap up. Berlin was dead, Evil Hawkeye Pierce who had sic’d him on Reddy was dead and so there seemed to be no more threats left for Reddy, who only came in from ……


General Hospital Recap for January 26 – January 30, 2014

This week on General Hospital….…A jail break, a ticking time bomb, an empty grave, and a fancy party on a haunted boat. Just a typical week in Port Charles.

There is a lot of action going on at Pentonville this week! ……