Channing Tatum Interview – Talks About His Penis, Pinterest and Wants to See You Naked

By on June 18, 2015

'channing tatum penis name gilbert'

Channing Tatum took to Reddit’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) where he answered questions from fans and revealed a lot – including the fact that his penis has a name.

In honor of Magic Mike XXL, Channing participated in the interview. We picked out some of the fun, interesting questions for our readers. Check them out below:

If you could have one super power, what would it be, and why?

Channing: I wish that I could make anyone at any point just happen to be naked. Not for the reasons that everyone thinks. Because people get really nice when they get naked. People aren’t a**holes when they get naked (for the most part). They are thinking about what they look like.

Does your penis have a nickname?
Channing: Gilbert

You can only bring three things to an island for the rest of your life. What are they and why?

Channing: How about a magical seashell that’s always filled with bourbon. And I would like a magical palm tree that had a lot of shade with instead of coconuts there’s just peanut butter jelly sandwiches with cheetos underneath. And my wife that is always happy and possibly naked.

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Channing: Cookie Dough

Do you ever get lost looking into Matt Bomer’s eyes?
Channing: No matter if you’re a man, woman, cat, hamster, you will get lost in matt bomer’s eyes. I don’t know what they are made of outside of dreams and rainbows and amazingness but it truly doesn’t matter. And when he sings. It’s like god gave with both hands and then grew a third hand and graced him with more. he’s crazy talented.

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re having a bad day?
I love Pinterest. Swear to god. Just to not think about all the shit I have to do or what’s going wrong, I just go and look at Pinterest. Or clipboard.

Channing Tatum’s interview was refreshingly honest, a bit vulgar and very real. He opened up about his ADD, he spoke about his daughter Everly, his friends, Chris Pratt and Jonas Hill and much more. Check out the complete interview over at Reddit.

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