David Hasselhoff becomes caller of the night at Camp and Furnace’s Bongo’s Bingo

By on January 28, 2016


David Hasselhoff became an instant hit with bingo players after being invited to a one night only event at the Camp and Furnace’s Bongo’s Bingo. The veteran singer and actor had just finished his appearance at the final show of the musical “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life” in Liverpool when he was made to entertain a new batch of people who wanted to see him call numbers and sing songs.

Tickets to the one-night show sold in less than a day, which is a record for the Bingo Hall. In addition, admission tickets were usually only sold at £4 (about $6) but the prices for the David Hasselhoff performance were changed to £15 (about $20).

“We met him before the show and we sat and had a good conversation with him after,” said Jonny Bongo, co-founder of Bongo Bingo. “He’s lovely, full of energy. He was just really enthusiastic and up for fun.”

Hasselhoff was wearing a Baywatch-style lifeguard t-shirt when he came on stage – a getup that Bongo says was Hasslehoff’s idea. Part of Hasslehoff’s show was singing his very own 2006 conversion of Jump in my Car.

Hasselhoff wasn’t the only celebrity to perform at Bongo’s Bingo’s special night. He was also joined by fellow celebrities Kim Toddy, Stephanie Webber, Chris Simmons, and Ray Quinn.

Bingo remains an immensely popular game among people in Europe. Bingo adverts can are commonplace in Liverpool and the surrounding region, whether they feature at train stations or between TV programs. Gala Coral, one of the biggest gaming providers based in the UK, reports that its own Gala Bingo had settled at a gross profit of 18% in 2014 alone. And the leading bingo provider isn’t the only company profiting from bingo’s immense popularity among several demographics, including Millennials, who have taken to the game. That being said, it’s not very surprising to see a dedicated group of players who are willing to pay £15 for a show ticket that usually sells for £4.

Hasselhoff isn’t the first celebrity to grace Bongo’s Bingo. Last Christmas, The Cheeky Girls made a surprise performance by entering the venue in a car that was given away as the jackpot prize for the night’s bingo winner.

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