General Hospital Recap for May 18, 2015 to May 22, 2015

By on May 22, 2015


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General Hospital continued with another live episode on Monday, May 18. Shawn is betrayed; Anna crosses the line; and Jake tries to protect Elizabeth.


At the Metro Court Franco reels from the news that Nina is engaged to someone else. She opens the door wearing a wedding gown so she could marry……….Ric?! Ric explains that they met at the Floating Rib and commiserated over their lives. (We would have loved to see that conversation!) So they decided to get married. Franco sputters as Ric kneels, presents Nina with a ring, and a justice of the peace arrives to conduct the ceremony. Franco dives into a long soliloquy of what he loves about Nina. She seems flattered, but goes through with the wedding. Upset Franco rips into Nina, calling her a freak and crazy. Nina retaliates by throwing Franco out of the suite.

At Wyndemere Elizabeth panics over Hayden telling Jake the truth: that he is really Jason and that Elizabeth and Nikolas hid the truth from everyone. Nikolas is tired of lying, but Elizabeth points out that he has fried bigger fish than Hayden. She suggests that he deal with her. Seduce her if he must! So Nikolas does one better than that. He ensures that Hayden won’t talk at all …

At the garage Hayden is about to tell Sam and Jake that Jake is really Jason when a shot rings out! We think it’s Shawn, sent by Sonny to kill Jake (whom Sonny believes shot Duke). Shawn is quickly apprehended by Jordan and the police. Shawn is stunned when he learns that Jordan has been working for the cops this whole time. Jordan says she still loves him, but Shawn spits that Jordan doesn’t know the meaning of love. Ouch!

Inside the garage, Jake protects Sam as Hayden is struck by a bullet and falls. She is taken to General Hospital where Patrick rips into Jake for putting someone in danger. Elizabeth pretends she has no idea why Hayden went to see Jake and asks what Hayden told him. She is none too pleased when Hayden wakes up from surgery and asks for Jake.

Back at Wyndemere Nikolas meets with a man, who says the job is done. It wasn’t Shawn who shot, Hayden, but this guy! He tells the prince that Shawn was the perfect patsy. No one will ever know that Nikolas put a hit on Hayden. Valerie enters, looking curiously at Nikolas. Nikolas dismisses his hit man and tries to cover with Valerie. Later Elizabeth returns to tell Nikolas that Hayden has been shot. Nikolas pretends to be shocked.

Anna confronts Carlos at the docks. She shoots him several times as Sloane arrives. Anna orders Sloane to arrest her, but Sloane wants to hide the body instead. Say what now?! Later, after they dispose of Carlos (we never hear how they did that), Anna nervously watches as Sloane washes the bloodstains away. Elizabeth arrives, fresh off the boat from Spoon Island. She gives Anna her condolences over Duke, explaining that she did not attend the memorial because she is now dating Jake. Sloane is surprised to hear about Elizabeth’s relationship with Jake—and that Hayden was the victim of a hit gone wrong at the garage. Anna realizes this is her fault because she lost her cool with Carlos.

Back at the hospital Olivia and Ned carry out their plan. They tell Julian that the baby died. When Julian heads to the morgue to see the body, Dr. Obrecht says that would be impossible. The body has been cremated. Julian storms off, leaving a very guilty Olivia to fret. Ned assures Olivia that this was the best plan. Dr. O thanks Ned for his generous donation to the hospital and informs them that the child is safe and waiting for them at the agreed upon location.

Shawn is brought to the PCPD where he and Jordan go another round of “I love you, you betrayed me.” Jordan informs Shawn that it was Duke who ordered Bruce to kill her. Later Shawn calls Ric and tells him that Jordan is an undercover cop. Ric then heads to Sonny’s place where Carly is terribly upset that Sonny wants Jake dead. She almost tells him that Jake is Sloane’s informant, but stops when Ric arrives to say that Jordan has been working undercover this whole time.

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