General Hospital Recap for June 15 to June 19

By on June 20, 2015

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This week on General Hospital…..Lulu struggles to keep secrets from Dante while he gets closer to Valerie; Nikolas is about to be found out; and Morgan cannot stay away from Denise.

Laura boards the Haunted Star just in time to see Dillon threatening Luke. Luke breaks free of Dillon’s grip and says he has to tell them the truth. Laura shakes her head as Luke announces that everything he told Tracy the other night was a lie. Laura explains that she went to visit Lucky in Ireland, but found his place had been burglarized—and he was missing. Then she received a call saying that Lucky had been kidnapped and Laura must pretend to get back together with Luke or Lucky will die. So Laura headed to Port Charles and did what she was told. Now they can’t do anything but wait for more instructions. Dillon immediately wants to tell his mother, but Lulu begs him to stay silent, at least for Lucky’s sake.

Meanwhile at the Quartermaine mansion Sabrina tries to pull Tracy’s engagement ring off. Nothing seems to work. Sam arrives with an update on her investigation on Rosalie, but before she says anything, she grabs a lemon and pop! Off comes Tracy’s ring. Tracy thanks her by trying to give the ring to her, but Sabrina convinces her to return the ring to Luke. Before Tracy leaves, Sam tells her about Sabrina’s suspicions of Rosalie (that she is working for the person trying to take over ELQ) and Sabrina’s request to investigate Rosalie. Tracy heads out to return her ring to Luke, leaving Sam to explain that she bugged Rosalie’s phone. But hm, why isn’t it working?

Maybe that’s because Jake found it! Jake shows it to Michael and says that Sam is spying on ELQ…perhaps for the Cassadines. Michael insists that’s not true because Sam is family, but Jake still has his doubts. He returns the bug to Rosalie’s phone with the hopes that it will lead them to Sam.

Sloane reports to Nikolas that he was able to buy Brook Lynn’s ELQ shares by blackmailing her. He explained he found Brook Lynn babysitting an infant, realized it was Olivia’s baby, and blackmailed Brook into giving him her shares for his silence.  Nikolas realizes he now owns half of ELQ. Rosalie arrives, panicked that Jake is onto her.

Morgan is at lunch with his parents, apologizing for hurting Michael. They are glad to hear it, but take the moment to chastise him again. When Morgan has a moment alone with Sonny, Morgan shares that he kissed Denise. Sonny advises Morgan to stay away from Denise; she is bad news! However, Morgan can’t stop thinking about that kiss! Sonny leaves to attend TJ’s trial, leaving Kiki to wonder what Morgan and his dad were talking about. Morgan lies, saying Sonny wants to treat them to a week in Atlantic City, but Kiki declines, saying she wants to stay in Port Charles to get to know Denise better. Is that okay with Morgan? Morgan nods weakly. Sure!

Silas is not happy to see Ava, disguised as Denise, at his front door. She rips into him for not telling her that Kiki and Morgan were back together. Silas is angry that Ava blackmailed him into keeping her secret. Kiki returns to get her wallet. She is surprised to see Denise. When Denise asks Kiki about Morgan, Kiki gushes how happy she is with Morgan and how great it is the second time around. After Kiki leaves, Silas chides Ava for kissing Morgan. Ava then kisses Silas; her reasoning? If she is busy kissing him, then she won’t kiss Morgan! Naturally Silas is insulted. He tells Ava to grow up and suggests that she leave town if she can’t stay away from Morgan.

At the PCPD Molly brings TJ a tie to wear to court as Jordan warns Ric not to mess up in front of the judge. Ric snarks that they wouldn’t be in this position if Jordan hadn’t had her own son arrested. Later they head to the courthouse where Sonny learns that TJ is in more trouble than anyone realized. It seems the security guard whom TJ had shoved has a dislocated disc. TJ is now looking at jail time for assault and battery! Sonny quickly excuses himself as Ric, TJ, Molly, and Jordan arrive. Scotty gets a call and is surprised to announce that TJ is free to go. It seems the security guard has made a miraculous recovery! Jordan looks at Sonny, who quietly slips into the back of the room. Would Sonny have anything to do with this? Sonny looks at Jordan, says he is glad things worked out for TJ and leaves. Hm…

Back at the PCPD a reporter gets into Dante’s face over TJ’s arrest. He even accuses Dante of being racist. Furious Valerie steps in to defend Dante. She gets a little too passionate about him, and when Dante thanks her later, she claims it’s because he is family.

Tracy boards the Haunted Star to find Luke with Laura, Lulu, and Dillon. She is ready to return the ring when she hears them say that they can’t tell Tracy what is really going on. Instead of confessing that Lucky’s life is in danger, Dillon lies to say that Luke and Laura are engaged. Tracy pretty much throws her ring back and storms out. Heartbroken Dillon says he only agreed to keep their secret because Lulu asked him. Laura gets a text from Lucky’s captors. It instructs them to head to British Columbia and not to tell anyone where they are going. Lulu wants to involve Dante, but Luke says if they can’t tell Tracy, then they certainly can’t tell Dante!

The next morning Lulu wakes up breathless and scared from a nightmare where Dillon had informed her that Lucky is dead because she had told Dante and Dante had enlisted the help of the WSB. Dante wakes Lulu up. Is she okay? Lulu changes the subject. She shows Dante the article online about Valarie defending him—and strangely she doesn’t seem that bothered about Valerie. Dante hugs her and heads out to work. As soon as he’s gone, Lulu calls Dillon. She needs to talk to him—now!

Dante arrives at the PCPD just in time to hear Maxie rips into Valerie about staying away from Dante since he is happily married, etc. Dante warns Maxie to back off, so Maxie does, but not without a parting shot at Valerie. After Maxie leaves, Dante apologies to Valerie, who reconfirms that they are family. That is why she got so passionate when the reporter accused him of being racist.

At the Q mansion Sabrina is impressed when Dillon saunters in, fresh from laps in the pool. Tracy thinks Sabrina is interested in her son, but Sabrina protests that she is with Michael, even if they are taking it slow. Tracy snorts; uh, hiring Sam to investigate who is taking over ELQ indicates Sabrina must have strong feelings for Michael!

At ELQ Rosalie calls Nikolas, but her call is cut short when Michael summons her into his office. He tells her that someone bugged her phone and that she needs to use her cell phone for personal calls. Rosalie gasps and immediately tells Nikolas that her office is bugged.

Elizabeth wakes up to find Jake working on his investigation on Sam. He tells Elizabeth that he suspects Sam is siphoning ELQ shares for someone. Elizabeth highly doubts that, especially since she knows it’s Nikolas. She tries to convince Jake to leave Sam alone, but Jake refuses. Jake heads into work where Michael explains his trust in Rosalie. Jake gets it and heads out to track Sam.

Elizabeth rushes to meet Nikolas at the Metro Court restaurant, where she tells him about Jake’s suspicions about Sam. Nikolas informs his friend that he almost has all the ELQ shares. He intends to go after Maya—or Dillon, which would be easier since he is in town. Elizabeth reminds Nikolas that he and Dillon are not friends, but Nikolas says that Lulu is.

Patrick wakes up to find Sam on her laptop, listening and waiting for Rosalie to make a call. She hears Nikolas’ voice for a nanosecond before the call is disconnected. Patrick frets over Sam’s investigation. He warns her to be safe—and also, it’s totally uncomfortable for him to hear that Sam is working with Sabrina. Sam teases him, and then assures him that they never talk about Patrick. She promises him that she loves their life together and won’t do anything to compromise it. Later Sam heads to the Q mansion to report to Tracy and Sabrina, while Jake watches from the bushes.

Dillon knocks on Lulu’s door. Lulu hates lying to Dante and needs to vent. Dillon is happy to meet Rocco, but it’s a little awkward since Lulu had aborted their baby so many years ago. Dillon understands now that it was the right thing to do, even though he fought her about it. He reiterates that they were kids, even if he was married to Georgie at the time. Lulu doesn’t explain the convoluted way Rocco came to be, but that she did have a condition that would have prevented her from carrying Dillon’s baby to term. Dillon is happy for Lulu that she can be a mom. Nikolas arrives, feigning surprise at seeing Dillon. After getting caught up on Laura’s latest escapade with Luke, he wastes no time sweet-talking Dillon into selling his 11 percent of ELQ. Nikolas proposes bank-rolling Dillon’s production company. Dillon is tempted, but he can’t part with his shares. It’s his family legacy. Nikolas counteroffers with half, and in return Dillon would be able to make three movies in a matter of a few years. Dillon is tempted, but declines, citing family loyalty. He explains the company is under siege right now, but he is open to other ways that Nikolas can help him. Nikolas looks less than enthused as he weakly promises to read Dillon’s script and leaves. After he leaves, Lulu and Dillon start to discuss potential ELQ enemies. Lulu realizes that it could be Nikolas based upon the fact that she saw him with Rosalie and for a short period of time, Tracy’s shares ended up with Helena. Dillon grabs his phone; he has to call his mom!

At ELQ Michael is interrupted by Ava, as Denise, who demands to know why Sabrina wouldn’t let her see AJ. Michael stonewalls Denise, asking her to schedule a visit through Rosalie next time. She can’t drop by any time she wants unannounced. Jake enters with news as to who is trying to steal ELQ, so Michael runs out, leaving Denise upset and frustrated. Denise goes on a long rant to Edward Quartermaine’s portrait, interrupted by Morgan. He embraces Denise and soon they are kissing and ripping each other’s clothes off in Michael’s office.

Earlier Morgan sits with Sonny in the Metro Court Restaurant and tells him that Kiki declined the trip to Atlantic City in favor of spending more time with Denise. Sonny again warns Morgan to stay away from Denise. Meanwhile Kiki surprises her dad with lunch and tells him that she feels guilty for skipping out on the trip. Even though Silas openly dislikes Morgan, he tells Kiki that she did the right thing.

At the hospital Elizabeth learns from Patrick that Sam is investigating ELQ on Sabrina’s request. She panics and leaves a message for Nikolas, urging him to make his move now!

Michael storms into the Q mansion, followed by Jake. He confronts Tracy, accusing her of hiring Sam to spy on ELQ. Tracy scoffs, explaining that she and Sam are trying to help him. Sabrina enters and confesses she hired Sam to investigate Rosalie. They all believe Rosalie is working for someone who wants to take over ELQ—and used their money to buy Nina’s shares. Michael can’t believe it, but Sabrina convinces him that he can no longer trust Rosalie. Sam and Jake are strategizing, now that they have realized they are on the same side. Tracy’s phone rings and it’s Dillon. After he shares his suspicions, Sam heads to the Metro Court to talk to Nikolas.

Rosalie returns to work just in time to find Morgan and Denise partially undressed. She throws them out of the office when Kiki arrives. Morgan keeps insisting nothing happened and Kiki can’t see how uncomfortable Denise and Morgan are around each other. Later Jake arrives, and Michael calls Rosalie into his office. When Rosalie asks what this is about, Dante enters. Uh-oh!

Nathan meets Maxie for lunch at the Metro Court where he makes a few cracks about her so called employment. Dante made the same remarks the day before, which was seriously un-cool. Nathan asks Maxie why she was being so hard on Valerie. Maxie reminds Nathan how protective she is of Lulu, but Nathan assures Maxie that Dante and Lulu are solid.

At the PDPC Dante brings Valerie a cup of coffee. Valerie thinks that she should quit her job; she fears that it will only drive a bigger wedge between her and Lulu. Dante convinces her to get to know Lulu better, so Valerie heads to the loft just in time to overhear Lulu tell Dillon they have to keep something secret from Dante!

Luke and Laura arrive in Canada at their old diner, the Triple L. It looks exactly the same, including a framed photo of Luke, Laura, and Lucky. Laura and Luke reminisce about their time there, and having to go on the run shortly after. Luke assures Laura that while he did crave adventure more than she did, he does not regret their life together at all. Finally they get a call from Lucky’s kidnapper, asking them if they enjoyed returning to the diner. The door chimes tickle and Luke’s jaw drop as he stares at the mystery person. What in the world is going on here?

What do you think, GH fans? Who kidnapped Lucky? Is the gig up for Nikolas or will Rosalie protect him? And why doesn’t Kiki realize that Morgan is hot and bothered for “Denise”?

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