Gwen Stefani Opens Up About Her Romance With Blake Shelton and Divorce From Gavin Rossdale

By on November 20, 2015

'gwen stefani the voice with blake shelton'

'gwen stefani the voice with blake shelton'

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have not been shy about their romance since coming clean a few weeks ago. Blake, who is divorced from Miranda Lambert and Gwen, who is in the process of divorcing Gavin Rossdale, have had an undeniable chemistry on the ninth season of “The Voice” and maybe even before. Now, Gwen, 46 is sitting down with Ellen DeGeneres to talk about all things Gwen, including her new beau, her old beau and what is next for the singer/stylist/overall glam girl. Dressed in a short red dress with black heels, the bleached-blonde stunner came out in gorgeous Gwen fashion for her first sit-down since she and Shelton, 39 became an item. Stefani appeared on the show two weeks ago to perform her latest single “Used to Love You” and she admits that fans may have not understood the whole meaning behind it. Performing the song, she got “super emotional” and added: “I even think I sang one of the lyrics wrong. And it was totally wrong! But no one caught it.”

DeGeneres went on to commend the singer for being so strong and forthcoming with her emotions: “It had just come out the day before or something, so I don’t think people really understood what that song was about. I think people were like, ‘What is she saying?’ And then, of course, stuff leaked out and people found out. After the show I was like, ‘Look at her!’ Because I was so proud of how strong you are.” Clearly, DeGeneres is referring to Rossdale’s alleged affair with the couple’s nanny that is said to be the reason for the split. For Stefani, singing and writing is what makes her feel whole as a person: “It’s comforting, you know? And also, music for me, it’s what defines me. It validates me as a person. That’s my whole thing. Like, if I can write a song, then I just feel like, ‘Yes!’” That’s all great but what about her new boyfriend Blake? Stefani admits that she is having a lot of fun on “The Voice” and that was when Ellen flashed to a photo of Gwen on Blake’s lap. The host went on to just smile and move on. DeGeneres had to ask about Blake as a kisser and Gwen dodged the question by telling the host that she was awesome and they exchanged “I Love You’s” but if you take one look at Gwen, you can clearly see that she is beyond happy with Blake and what he has to offer.

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