Interview: Simon Cowell Talks Replacing Judges Next Season, His Son and More

By on December 17, 2013

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The X Factor’s, Simon Cowell spoke to the press where Simon spoke about the future of The X Factor, his son and much more!!

simon Cowell

Simon was asked about how he felt The X Factor went this season and he responded by saying (and even insinuating) there may be a change down the road.  He is confident the show will return next year but is not sure exactly of what his role may be.  In other words, he may not return as a judge.

Simon spoke about Alex and Sierra and how happy he is with their singing and how they are doing on the show.   When asked about their potential outside of the show, he responded by saying, ‘at one point last week, they had five records in the top 10, so I would say they have a good chance outside the show.’

Simon’s other group, Restless Road was eliminated last week.  When asked if he had plans on working with them in the future, Simon said, ‘I think so, you have to let the fans decide for you.   If they are going to follow them, they let you know.  I think they have a future ahead of them.’

Keep reading to see what else Simon had to say about the future of The X Factor and his future son?

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