It’s Over For Gigi Hadid and Boyfriend Joe Jonas- What Went Wrong?

By on November 4, 2015

Gigi Hadid and boyfriend Joe Jonas have called it quits. The couple started rumors of a romance a little over a year ago but claimed that it was nothing more than a friendship. We all know what that means; they were totally together but testing the waters. The model and daughter of former “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Yolanda Foster and Jonas finally started to show signs that they were more than friends this summer. They were even credited for the short-lived romance between Gigi’s bestie Kendall Jenner and Joe’s brother Nick. A source talked to E! at the time and had this to say about the young couple: “Gigi feels very comfortable with Joe and it’s very easy to talk about everything that’s going on in her life with him. He understands where she is at and they are not in any rush.” Turns out, Joe has had a crush on the twenty-year old beauty since 2010, as Gigi revealed in an interview with Periscope: “We met at the Grammys when I was 13 years old.

“And he asked me to a baseball game, and I said, ‘No.’ I was so nervous; I literally didn’t even know what it meant to hang out with a boy. And also, Grammys are on a Sunday, and I didn’t want to tell him that I had school the next day, so I was like, ‘No, maybe next time.’ We’ve been friends ever since. Except now, we’re more than friends, obvs.” This was from September and Joe was more than persistent, as Joe was at said baseball game while Gigi was there with her parents. Joe ended up slipping his number to Yolanda as he clearly knew what he wanted. Nick Jonas completely approved of his brother’s relationship, saying to E!: “Joe and I are best friends. We’re each other’s support system and closest friends, so naturally I’m gonna see a lot of her because they’re together and it’s great. I’m really happy for them. I think they seem very happy together and it’s good.” A source has gone on to say that the two remain friends but both have hectic schedules. Hopefully, if they are meant to be, they will find their way back to one another. What do you think?

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