Jersey Belle’s Jaime Primak Sullivan Talks ‘Doing it All,’ Marriage, Monogomy and More

By on May 29, 2015

I have been watching Jaime Primak Sullivan’s #cawfeetawk videos on Facebook from day 1.  I have watched her on her reality series, Jersey Belle and have read all of her parenting/marriage articles on Yahoo! So when asked if I wanted to interview this amazing woman, who was born and raised in New Jersey and later made a life in Alabama, I was intimidated. How often do you actually get to speak to someone who you have been admiring from afar? When Jaime spoke about being intimidated by a friend of hers during one of her #cawfeetawk videos, I realized that this power house of a woman was just like me and you. She was a mother, a wife and an entrepreneur who is trying to be the best person she could be with the hope that she can make a difference on as she says, ‘this planet.’

Like so many woman, Jaime is busy. She works and owns several businesses including a PR firm, Bridge and Tunnel Entertainment, a jewelry line and she will soon be an Editor in Chief of a magazine, along with hosting a weekly podcast for CBS. She is also the creator and star of Bravo’s original comedy series, Jersey Belle. With her tell-it like-it is approach, Jaime quickly became known by fans as the “realist woman on reality television” as almost a million viewers a week tuned in to watch this New Jersey native navigate life in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, three children, and new found female friends with southern roots.

After the show premiered, Jaime received hundreds of emails from women on various questions from motherhood to relocation. A former bully in high school, Jaime felt a calling to give back, and began to respond to these fans. And so the digital talk series, #cawfeetawk, was born. Jaime’s morning commentary provides a 10-minute straightforward stance on self-worth, boundaries, parenting and relationships. #cawfeetawk encompasses three learning principals and teaches viewers: how to be socially responsible in your daily life; how kindness is key, and how the spirit of the human connection is paramount.

With everything that Jaime does, I had to ask the question, “How do you do it all?” Jamie gave a response I wasn’t expecting,

” ‘I don’t.’ I really don’t do it all. There are some days I am a great publicist. As far as being a writer, blogger, I just missed my deadline with Yahoo! There are days I fail as a mom and am great as a wife. There are days my children get everything from me and there are some days I just don’t do it.”

While Jaime is a busy lady, the one thing that she is most proud of is the fact that she still takes the time to show her appreciation. Anyone who orders a mug or a piece of jewelry gets a handwritten thank you note.

As an avid viewer of #cawfeetawk, I asked Jaime about a comment she has made on several occasions, referring to the fact that she is not someone who is monogamous by nature. Jaime admitted it is something she has always struggled with and unlike most little girls who dream of finding their prince, Jaime never wanted that for herself.  She revealed it is hard for her to be faithful in a relationship and something that did not come naturally for her.  While monogamy comes naturally for some people, she said she is social by nature,  she is a flirt by nature and is a bit of a rebel, who likes to push the envelope.

And then she met her husband of seven years, Michael. When Michael asked her to marry him, she told him she wasn’t sure if she could see herself in a monogamous relationship for the next 50 or more years. She told him she was scared and she gets bored and forever is a long time. One thing she knew for sure was her quality of life as a human being was better with Michael in it. Food tasted better, music sounded sweeter and she enjoyed life more with Michael in her life.  The fact that Jaime speaks about it openly, shows you her true character, she is a tell it like it is, what you see is what you get kind of woman. A breath of fresh air. 

Jaime’s view on marriage is that love is not enough of a reason to get married. So what else should people be mindful of when they get married?

“Everything. Every single thing. There are things you don’t think about.  If our child is gay, how will you handle it? If you’re the kind of man who is going to throw them out of the house, I am not your girl.

How many times a week do you want sex? If you say once a month, I’m not your girl.

Are you the type of person who wants a nice car? I’m not your girl.  It’s not so much the car, but what you allocate your funds on. I don’t need to keep up with the Jones’.

What are the expectations?  If it is eventually it will work itself out, know that in-laws don’t make it better, kids don’t make it better and love will not make it better, what makes it better is putting the work in everyday. Lay your cards on the table and know what to expect.”

What’s next for Jaime? There a lot of things coming down the pike. She will be expanding the #cawfeetawk brand for one.

I asked Jaime a few quick questions including:

Favorite TV Show: Sex and the City is her all time favorite, Empire, Little People, Million Dollar Listing New York.

Favorite Music: I live for Billy Ocean, Lionel Richie, Chaka Khan, Biggie, Michael McDonald. She is also a big hip hop fan and of course, Missy Elliot.

Favorite Food (especially if it had no calories): Sweet Potato Fries

One Thing no one knows about Jaime: She walks 4 miles a day, every single day and she stole a giant poster of Billy Ocean from the concert hall. She is  a huge fan of his.

It was a pleasure to speak with Jaime and I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of her and hopefully, more people will hop on board to “her planet,” where we focus on the good in people, helping others and bringing people up, instead of tearing them down!


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  1. Amanda Cummings

    May 29, 2015 at 4:00 pm

    Great interview. Jaimie’s openness with her daily struggles has been such a great comfort to me and helped me to stop being so hard on myself and on other people. I can’t thing of a better role model for women.

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