Photo: Kim Kardashian Receives 1,000 Red Roses on Valentines Day

By on February 15, 2014

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Kanye West spared no expense when it came to fiancé Kim Kardashian’s Valentines Day present. So what do you get for the woman who seems to have it all, including the luxury of buying whatever she wants, on her own? One thousand red roses, of course!

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 12.45.59 PM

And that’s exactly what Kim’s rapper beau, Kanye West got her this February 14th. Although the Yeezus rapper, 36, did have to work on what most consider the most romantic day of the year, Kanye made sure his lavish loving gesture let Kim know exactly how he feels about her.

So how did Kim feel about her sweetie’s surprise? Elated, of course.

Surrounded by endless bouquets of 1,000 red roses, in what appears to be a hotel suite, North’s mom shared a photo on Instagram of her over-the-top present. Posed on a tufted couch with her legs crossed in the air, 33-year-old Kim captioned the photo, “A thousand roses,” followed by a slew of matching red rose emojis.

I say, if it were up to me I’d rather have my significant other at home on Valentines Day, (though Kim did attend Kanye’s Baltimore concert last night) but I guess, someone’s got to pay the bills, right? Having an infant isn’t cheap after all, especially when the 8-month-old is frequently adorned in designer labels.

But I guess, when you’ve got it, flaunt it. And that’s exactly what Kim and Kanye did this Valentines Day. Must be nice.

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