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Emily-Anne Rigal Honored at AllyKatzz Tween Summit for WE STOP HATE

Emily-Anne Rigal was honored at the 2010 AllyKatzz Tween Summit in NYC on Sunday, October 10, 2010.  Emily-Anne aka Smiddlebopper, received an A.L.L.Y. Award for creating WE STOP HATE, which is a YouTube channel promoting messages with the goal to build teen-esteem.
Have ……


AllyKatzz Tween Summit Hall Meeting

Young Hollywood Comes Out In Droves to Launch DM’ingTM
(DenimMessagingTM) at the
AllyKatzz Tween Town Hall Meeting
Twenty-three celebs descended on UCLA’s Hall of Fame eager to empower girls, decorate jeans and help combat teen homelessnessMarch 29, 2010- As 150 tween girls sat ……


The First National Tween Summit 2009

The First National Tween Summit took place last Saturday(Oct. 10) in Washington D.C.  The Summit was a dream come true for Denise Restauri, CEO of AK Tweens and AllyKatzz.com.  Several years ago Denise was inspired to create a safe online ……