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General Hospital Recap of 4/7 to 4/11/14

This week General Hospital in Port Charles…Sam and Silas discover the identity of Nina’s killer; Dante and Lulu are reunited with Ben; Ric and Nikolas vie for Elizabeth’s affections.
At the Metro Court someone enters the room ready to inject Sam ……


Will AJ Quartermaine Be Killed Off With Sean Kanan’s Exit from General Hospital

Let the speculation begin?  With the news that Sean Kanan, the actor that plays AJ Quartermaine is leaving General Hospital and will be returning to his old stomping grounds of The Bold and the Beautiful, everyone seems to be asking the ……


General Hospital Recap for Week of March 10 to 14

This week in Port Charles…AJ continues to fight for his life; Silas gets an unwelcome visitor; and Luke’s behavior concerns Tracy.

At the Quartermaine mansion Tracy continues to berate Luke. Why in the world was he so cruel to Monica? What ……

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    General Hospital Recap for 2/24/14 – 2/28/14

    This week on General Hospital in Port Charles…GH celebrates its 13,000 episode with Robin’s emotional farewells, the return of Ric Lansing and things don’t look good for Silas.
    At Corinthos Coffee Shawn tells Sonny that he found out who is bankrolling ……


    General Hospital Recap Week 2/10/14 – 2/14/14

    This week in Port Charles…Robin makes a difficult decision; Franco rescues Carly; and Morgan tries to find a way to be with Ava.

    AJ stumbles through the park with his flask in his hand. He is hit with another memory of ……


    General Hospital Recap 2/11/14 – Is Franco Dead? Carly is Saved

    General Hospital is finally closing the Carly kidnapping/disappearance story – and not a minute too soon.  The story line with Carly Corinthos Jax disappearance has been going on for what feels like forever and it is over – but does ……


    General Hospital Recap Week of 2/3/14 – 2/7/14

    This week on General Hospital, Elizabeth makes an educated guess about Brit’s baby ; Robin has a dilemma; and Carly almost escapes from Heather.

    Dante and Nathan go through a box full of evidence from Franco’s room at the police station. ……


    General Hospital Recap for January 27 to January 31

    This week on General Hospital in Port Charles…Silas is arrested; Morgan breaks up with Ava; and Robin is faced with another threat to her freedom.
    Lucy tends to Scotty’s bruised face as Scotty explains Mac came to punch him in Kevin’s ……