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General Hospital Recap 11/17/14 – 11/21/14

This week on General Hospital…Sonny gets what he deserves; Michael becomes a true Quartermaine; and Anna reveals what really happened to Faison.

Emma, Cameron, Josslyn, and Spencer burst into Kelly’s, clamoring for hot chocolate, followed by Patrick and Sam. Sam mentions ……


General Hospital Recap 11/10/14 – 11/14/14 – Sonny and Carly Are in Jail

This week on General Hospital……Elizabeth and Jake get cuter and cuter together; Sonny is in jail and Franco comes through for Nina.

Sam thanks her mom and dad for standing by her and Danny during his recent cancer scare. Julian reveals ……


General Hospital 11/3/14 – 11/7/14 – Did Michael Shoot Sonny? Where’s Nina’s Baby?

This week in Port Charles…Franco gives Carly a wedding to remember; Nina gets what she wants; and everyone else starts putting the pieces together.

Dr. Obrecht gleefully hands Jake Doe, aka Jason, his discharge papers, despite Elizabeth’s protests. She says if ……


General Hospital Recap for 10/27/14 to 10/31/14 – Franco Dumps Carly?

This week on General Hospital – Nina and Madeline scheme to steal Ava’s baby; Carly prepares to wed Franco; and Heather is on the loose!

Madeline and Nina continue their scheming in Dr. Obrecht’s office. Madeline reveals she knows where Ava ……


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General Hospital Recap for 9/29/14 – 10/3/14 – Sam and Patrick Steam Up

This week in Port Charles…Sam and Patrick head to Amsterdam, Michael is in danger, and Franco learns the truth about Carly and Sonny.
At Sam’s penthouse Sam and Patrick reel from the news that Julian may be plotting with Luke to ……


General Hospital Recap for September 22 to September 26

This week in Port Charles…Robin and Jason’s homecoming is cut short; Ava seeks shelter with Morgan; Franco sets a trap for Carly.

Robin and Jason are in a stolen car driving towards Port Charles. Robin, who is at the wheel because ……


General Hospital’s Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Bernard) Hasn’t Renewed Contract – Franco to Send Him to Jail as His Exit?

What would General Hospital be without Sonny Corinthos? The mob boss has been with the soap opera since 1993. That is a long time in the world of acting.

Sonny Corinthos, played by Maurice Bernard, is one of the many reasons ……


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General Hospital – Is Jason and Robin Alive – Sabrina Seeks Revenge on Ava

This week on General Hospital in Port Charles…Sam and Patrick take it to the next level; things explode at Crichton-Clark; and Jason is BACK…sort of.
Olivia returns to Dante’s loft to relieve Sonny of baby-sitting duties. She is surprised to find ……