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General Hospital Recap for 8/25/14 – 8/29/14 – Are Maxi and LuLu Saved?

This week in Port Charles…Dante and Nathan search for Maxie and Lulu; Nina gets some bad news; and Ava schemes to protect Kiki.

In the woods somewhere Maxie manages to free her hands as Levi enters. She demands to know what ……


General Hospital Recap for August 18, 2014 to August 22, 2014

This week in Port Charles…Sonny is determined to prove to Carly that they belong together; Sabrina returns home; and Faux Luke orders Ava to do the unthinkable.

Carly invites Sonny in for pizza, despite her misgivings. Sonny presses her to admit ……


General Hospital Spoilers – Carly and Sonny Sleep Together – Will Franco Find Out – What Will He Do?

General Hospital is going back to the familiar story line involving a romantic relationship between Sonny and Carly.  Just when the parents of Michael and Morgan were in the friends zone, the couple have sex together.

Why is Sonny going back ……


General Hospital Spoilers – Will Nikolas Choose Britt or Elizabeth – Sonny and Carly Reunite?

General Hospital is heating up with a lot of romance and questions as to who will end up together when the dust settles?

Will Maxie finally realize that Nathan is the man for her (in our opinion). Following her disaster ……


General Hospital Recap August 11, 2014 to August 15, 2014

This week in Port Charles…Robin tries to save Jason; Levi’s true agenda is revealed; and Lucas makes a choice between Felix and Brad.

Emma is on a video chat with Robin, which surprises us because we thought Victor’s decree was “no ……


General Hospital Spoilers – Maxi and LuLu Taken Hostage – Will They Both Survive?

General Hospital is heating up following Levi and Maxi’s almost marriage.

It seems that Nathan has found out the truth about Levi being a fake and was only after Maxi’s mother, Felicia’s Aztec jewels. Unfortunately, in true General Hospital fashion, ……


General Hospital Spoilers – Who is Levi Really? Robin and Jason Return to Port Charles

It’s been a long time since we have seen Jason Morgan and Robin Scorpio Drake on General Hospital – but that is all about to change.

Over the next few weeks on General Hospital, Robin and Jason will both return to ……


General Hospital Recap for July 28, 2014 to August 1, 2014

This week in Port Charles…Jordan’s cover is blown; Alexis’ house goes boom; and Spencer is still missing.

Alexis returns home with Molly, Danny, and TJ. Molly is thrilled to be back home—and even happier that her mom called it quits with ……