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America’s Got Talent 2014 – Season Finale – 9/17/14 -Season 9

Tonight is the night we’ve all been waiting for. Well, us and the contestants who have performing their hearts out on America’s Got Talent. It has been some contest so far and tonight we will see who won America’s hearts ……


America’s Got Talent 2014 – The Final 6 Perform – 9/16/14

The Final 6 will perform live tonight at Radio City Music Hall on America’s Got Talent. After weeks of auditions, judgment, narrowing down, voting out, some Wild Cards mixed in with Snapple Saves, the Final Six are an assortment of ……


America’s Got Talent Recap 9/9/14 – The Top 12 Perform – Season 9 Ep 23

America’s Got Talent is down to the Top 12. There have been some difficult choices and a few surprises. We’ve seen one act go from elimination to the Top 12 and frontrunners get knocked out. There have been some attitudes ……


America’s Got Talent Recap 9/3/14 – Semi-Finals Part 2 Results – Season 9 Ep 22

America’s Got Talent Semi-Finals voting is closed, and Nick Cannon will be announcing the results. Did you vote? Who will need the Snapple Save? While we wait to find out who won America’s votes, Maroon 5 will be performing live.
It’s ……


America’s Got Talent Recap 9/2/14 – Semi-Finals Part 2 – Season 9 Ep 21

The semi-finals are winding down on America’s Got Talent. Tonight’s talent will be competing for the final six spots in the Top 12.  Over the past few weeks we have seen a diverse group of performers all wanting to be ……


America’s Got Talent Recap 8/27/14 – Semi-Finals Results – Who Was Eliminated?

Tonight on America’s Got Talent, with the voting completed and the first acts having performed their best, we will find out the first results live at Radio City Music Hall. Last night, was another night of tough choices. Voting has closed. Who ……


America’s Got Talent Recap 8/26/14 – Semi-finals – Season 9 Ep 19

America’s Got Talent is live tonight at Radio City for the first night of the semi-finals. The pressure has been mounting as the Top 20 acts will try to show that they are spectacular enough for the great stage and ……


America’s Got Talent Recap 8/20/14 – Who Are the Top 20 – Season 9 Ep 18

Voting’s closed and the results are in on America’s Got Talent. Who will be the final five to make it to the semifinals?
Howie and Howard stole scary from Mel B when one act spoke of fearing Howard because he was ……