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Watch Jennifer Lawrence as a Bearded Lady on ‘Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon

Jennifer Lawrence wears a long blond beard during her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, airing on Thursday night.
Lawrence taped the appearance with Jimmy on April 21 when she was in New York City for a quick visit ……


Jennifer Lawrence Annoys Herself- Find Out Why

Is America’s sweetheart already sick of herself? That’s what it seems like, according to the actress.

Academy Award-winner Jennifer Lawrence, who audiences have come to know and for the most part love, is Marie Claire’s June cover girl. In the magazine’s ……


Is Emma Watson Jealous of Jennifer Lawrence or Shailene Woodley?

Starring in one of my most successful film franchises, making millions of dollars, and having fans from all around the world may be all fine and dandy to you and I, but Emma Watson still finds herself being jealous of ……


Jared Leto and Ellen Made Fun of Jennifer Lawrence’s Falling During Oscars

Jared Leto is asking the question millions of people have been asking, ‘Is Jennifer Lawrence falling an act?’  Not only did Jennifer Lawrence fall in front of millions of people when walking up the stairs to accept an Oscar at ……


Video: Jennifer Lawrence Trips and Falls At Oscars 2014 Red Carpet

Jennifer Lawrence has done it again.  The actress, who is famous for falling at last year’s Oscars while heading up the stairs to accept an award for Best Actress, has fallen again.  This time Lawrence fell while on the red ……


Emilia Clarke is Most Desirable Woman in the World

Looks like a lot of men would kill (some probably literally) to be with Emilia Clarke as she has been named the Most Desirable Woman of 2014.

According to AskMen.com, and after more than one million votes, the “Game of Thrones” ……


Jennifer Lawrence Engaged to Nicholas Hoult?

Jennifer Lawrence is engaged to Nicholas Hoult? Before you send America’s Sweetheart a congratulatory card, you should know the headline comes from OK Magazine, the magazine with the most made up, ridiculous lies for headlines out there.

The magazine ……


Jennifer Lawrence Called Christian Bale Fat And Then Said Word Should Be Banned – Hypocrite?

America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence, may have requested the word ‘fat’ be banned on television, but when it comes to calling Christian Bale fat, she is okay with it.

According to the director of American Hustle, Lawrence said, ‘I finally get to make ……