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The Following Recap 4/28/14 – Season 2 Finale “Forgive”

Last week on The Following…Having taken the Korban compound, Ryan and The FBI seek to protect Pastor Tanner from Joe who still has the pastor’s son. Unfortunately they can’t stop the pastor before he gives himself up to Joe in ……


The Following TV Recap 4/21/14 “Silence”

Last week on The Following…Ryan found Joe’s camp and went in alone to put an end to him, but stopping a sacrificed forced him to reveal himself early. Initially attempting to flee, Ryan instead gave up in order to learn ……


The Following TV Reap 4/14/14 “Reaping”

Last week on The Following…Ryan learned Claire was not only alive but also eager to join him in hunting down and putting a final end to Joe, who is planning to strike against the TV pastor who has started a ……


The Following TV Recap 4/7/14 “Betrayal”

Last week on The Following…an attack on a bakery looked like Joe’s followers were back at work, but it was all a deception by Lily to get her own people inside the hospital posing as victims so she could free ……


The Following Recap “Freedom” 3/31/14

Last week on The Following…after seizing the reins of the cult, Joe organizes a team of its killers to go out and commit random murders with his message. They are supposed to be random killings, but can actually be traced ……


The Following Recap “Teacher’s Pet” 3/24/14 – Season 2 Ep.10

Last week on The Following…Ryan and his team trace the mole in the FBI back to Gina, who denies everything when Ryan confronts her, but immediately rushes home to confront her girlfriend, Jana, who is the actual mole. She turns ……


Video: Kevin Bacon’s Footloose Entrance on The Tonight Show After Dancing Outlawed

Jimmy Fallon outlawed dancing on The Tonight Show, just in time for Kevin Bacon’s appearance.

Thankfully, Kevin is familiar with the banning of dance, since he appeared in the hit movie, Footloose, 30 years ago. He didn’t take the ban ……


The Following TV Recap 3/17/14 “Unmasked”

Last week on The Following… Ryan tried to find out where Joe was going by looking back to where he had come from, in this case the Headmaster of Joe’s school as teenager. Also on the same trail was the ……