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Lindsay Lohan Back In Legal Trouble

Lindsay Lohan – who is currently residing in London – has found herself back in some legal trouble. Unfortunately for the Mean Girls star, who is currently re-vamping her image away from Hollywood, this is nothing new.

Here’s the back story. ……


Tom Cruise and Lindsay Lohan Dating? Weird Couple Alert

Tom Cruise and Lindsay Lohan are dating? Tom and Lindsay? Cruise and Lohan together? The two names we never thought we would see romantically linked has happened.  Even if it is a trashy tabloid claiming they are a new couple.

Citing ……


Lindsay Lohan to Write Memoir on her Life

If you’re a celebrity, then by law you have to write a memoir that you will see in the book section while shopping at Target, but you will never buy nor be interested in reading it. Well, the time for ……


Lindsay Lohan Shares Bikini Selfie in Ibiza – Photo

Lindsay Lohan posted a bikini selfie on Instagram for all the world to see.
Lohan, star of OWN docu-series “Lindsay”, who is vacationing in Ibiza, Spain this week, snapped the pic in her hotel room. The 28-year-old actress posed in front ……


James Franco Short Story For Lindsay Lohan called ‘Bungalo 89′

James Franco has written a short story, titled “Bungalow 89,” in Vice’s new fiction issue.  Although the story is suppose to be fictional, the tale appears to be about his encounter with Lindsay Lohan.
Below are some passages from James Franco’s ……


Dina Lohan Sentenced in 2013 Drunk Driving Case

Dina Lohan has been sentenced. Almost a year after her drunk driving arrest in Long Island, New York last September, a judge has ruled on her punishment.

On Tuesday, June 3, a Nassau County judge sentenced Lindsay Lohan’s mother to 100 ……


James Franco Never Had Sex With Lindsay Lohan, Calls her Delusional

Looks like one name off Lindsay Lohan’s now infamous “sex list” has denied of ever having hooked up with her, as James Franco revealed that he has never had sex with Lohan.

Appearing on Howard Stern’s radio show, Franco of course ……


Lindsay Lohan Reveals Pregnancy and Miscarriage During OWN Taping

In what was probably the most shocking ending to any reality show, Lindsay Lohan revealed she had a miscarriage during the taping of her show on the OWN Network.

The bombshell announcement came on Sunday’s episode of Lohan’s reality TV show ……