Teen Wolf Recap Season 5 Episode 18 “The Maid of Gevaudan” 2/23/2016

By on February 29, 2016

Flashback time! Teen Wolf alumnus Crystal Reed is back as her old character’s ancestor. While Reed left the show several years ago, her appearance still strikes a chord. With an only one episode appearance, Reed gets a nice pay check without the risk of ruining her character like the show has done in the past.

It is 1760 in some sort of French territory. Teen Wolf probably blew all their year’s budget on this just to bring Crystal Reed back at the Maid of Gevaudan. That was a good instinct.

French soldiers Sebastian and Marcel are hiding from British soldiers and take refuge in a woman’s house. She warns them of the Beast that is haunting the area. She calls it a demon, but same diff. It attacks the British soldiers that are stalking the French outside of the house.

What kind of takes you out of the flashback is the extremely modern music while the Maid stalks the Beast with her bow and arrow. The reveal that The Maid looks exactly like her descendent Alison Argent does not pack too much of a punch since the show used it as a huge advertising ploy. But still cool.

The Argents believe that Parrish can take on the Beast which is why they’re so interested in him. He leaves, intent on having no part in their plans to take down the Beast. But no worries. Lydia is their backup plan.

Gerard seems to know a weird amount of The Maid’s personal feelings on the supernatural. So much that he won’t let Lydia leave until she hears the whole thing. But who knows. Maybe he had her personal diary. The Maid thinks it’s normal to carry crossbows in public bars and shoot them at people. She’s pretty cool.

Crystal Reed’s accent, however? Not so much. The entire flashback consists of terrible French accents interspersed with actual French. Marie, The Maid, is in a bar listening to the locals talk about the Beast when her brother Sebastian returns home. He thinks she is the best hunter and should lead to charge against the Beast. Somehow all the men in 1700’s France are totally cool with a woman leading an entire hunting party. One thing Teen Wolf cannot be accused of is historical accuracy.

After a boy is killed in the village, Marie leads the hunting party to go after the Beast, not knowing the supernatural elements that make it so dangerous. Thanks to a mustachioed man named Rene, she is saved from the Beast using mountain ash. No longer a skeptic, she realizes werewolves are real. The title of the show could have told her that.

Rene and Marie take refuge in a house. He offers to teach her the ways of surviving a werewolf attack. Gone is Alison’s legacy of seeing the humanity in werewolves. Marie just wants to know how to kill one.

One thing about Marie is historically accurate. She is the one serving everyone at the bar like a true waitress. After serving everyone spiked drinks, Sebastian’s friend Marcel gives Marie a key to get into his cellar. Inside are dozens of dead bodies. Marcel isn’t the Beast, Marie realizes. What he is actually doing is protecting her brother Sebastian who turns out to be the Beast.

Sebastian has embraced his true nature. After drinking from the paw print of the wolf he became like the Beast. He has absolutely no issue with murdering children so there really is no conflict for Marie to kill him. There is no humanity to think about saving.

Marie is committed. Hunting your own brother for three years takes conviction. She finally tracks him down and they are locked in a death match. Even as she stabs her brother with a silver spear, he still goes waxing on about how awesome his killing skills are. But it didn’t save his life.

Marie goes on to be a part of movement that erased every memory of what the Beast was. And yet somehow Gerard knows every single detail of this saga. The logic is that Gerard knows everything because Marie was an Argent. A reveal that is not surprising considering Marie was played by Crystal Reed.

In modern Beacon Hills, Hayden and Stiles rescue Liam who previously decided it was a good idea to take on the Beast by himself. He is incredibly wounded but isn’t healing. Stiles hypothesizes that more pain will help Liam heal faster. Hayden takes away his pain through romantic kisses while Stiles stands there awkwardly. Nice. There needs to be some romance in this episode.

Scott is called to action to be the leader he has always been. From the first episode of season one, he is the leader who is pure of heart and was meant to take care of people. He finds refugees in the library and takes it upon himself to protect them and sacrifice himself. Scott is the leader we all wish we could be and inspires like no one else on this show could. The Beast bursts into the library and Scott faces off against it.

At this point everyone in the school must be aware that Scott is a werewolf. Like in Buffy, too many weird things go on at this school with Scott at the center to leave any doubt. Liam bursts into the room and attacks, backed by Malia and the lovely and incomparable Braeden.

“You didn’t seriously think you were going to stand a chance against that thing, did you?” Braeden asks. “No,” Scott answers honestly. He is so true and honest he can’t lie about this, but also couldn’t stand aside, even if he knew he was going to lose.

Scott follows the scent of the Beast to none other than Mason’s car. A leap not that surprising considering he was missing from the entire episode until the last scene. But Cory protects Mason, turning him invisible and running away with him.

Marie’s story doesn’t really add anything to the current storyline except entertainment and an excuse to bring Crystal Reed back. It was just a filler to delay the obvious that Mason is the Beast. The one fear is that when the Beast remembers his past human form, Mason as he is will be forgotten.

The chase is on.

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