Teen Wolf Recap Season 5 Episode 19 “The Beast of Beacon Hills” 3/1/2016

By on March 2, 2016

After last week, everyone reacts from the fallout of the knowledge that Mason is the Beast. Cory takes him on the run, trying to help him remember. Mason realizes that the Dread Doctors can find him by frequency and sure enough, they arrive and kidnap him. Cory is left behind

Back in Theo’s layer, the chimera pack has gathered. More exposition: This time the story of the Dread Doctors, told by Deucalion. His only real purpose since he’s been back is saying cryptic warnings and telling stories. Someone called the Surgeon created the Doctor masks, infusing them with electromagnetism. Theo wants Josh to put on the Dread Doctor mask to find out who the Beast is. Josh has electromagnetism powers and is the only one that could survive putting it on.

Deucalion proves that he was not at Theo’s mercy the entire time. He stayed with Theo for his own use. If pain causes wolves to heal, then taking away pain takes away their powers. This has been a common theme this entire season. The subtlest themes Teen Wolf can do. Deucalion teaches Theo this who takes Josh’s electro power, killing him. With Josh’s power, Theo can now put on the Dread Doctor mask and find out who the Beast is. If one of them could just shoot their pack member Cory a quick text then this wouldn’t be a problem.

Deucalion is either trying to manipulate Theo into putting on the mask so he can achieve his own idea of power, or his motives are extremely transparent and has no layers. It would be nice if Teen Wolf could surprise the audience for once. Using Deucalion other than a vehicle for exposition would round out the season nicely.

Theo finally gets with the program and contacts Scott. He wants the power of the Beast. They meet in the boys’ locker room because where else would they? At least Veronica Mars met in the girls’ bathroom. Slightly more sanitary. Theo wants to team up with Scott to find Mason.

Scott, Liam, and Theo take a hike in the woods looking for Mason who is being held in the Dread Doctors’ layer. The Doctors are trying to get the previous Beast to overtake Mason’s consciousness. All their attempts at creating genetic chimeras was so they could resurrect this True Evil.

The Doctors considered Theo to be a true evil. He was corrupted from being truly good. Finally his weird backstory makes sense. Possibly. Theo killed his sister for her heart. Fair enough. But that still doesn’t answer why he had fake parents. It was so long ago it hardly matters.

The Dread Doctors initially wanted to resurrect the Beast into Theo but he was a failure. Mason is considered a success. Theo attacks the Doctors after they call him ordinary. Mason turns into the Beast and the person he was seems to be gone. “That’s not my name,” he says.

The Argents are on a mission to find the pike that killed the Beast before. They think Mason is gone forever so they resort to a last ditch effort. They arrive with Parrish just in time to protect the kids from the Beast. When they fight the Beast it turns back into human form it is no longer Mason. It is Sebastian Valet, the man from France in the 1700’s.

Malia is meanwhile stuck in the house surrounded by mountain ash to protect herself from her mother who is still looking to kill her. It turns out this was planned from the start as a trap for Corrine. Braeden and Malia break the circle to draw Corrine in the house. After she’s inside they close the circle again and trap her inside. Such a clear and concise plan implemented with no confusion and a cool twist. If Teen Wolf wasn’t so ambitious and stuck to season one types of character driven story, the season wouldn’t be suffering.

This tormented relationship between a mother and daughter is far more compelling than the A plotline. It is full of ladies and their clear characterizations. This is akin to season one where Kate Argent was the main antagonist. Women just seem to be better villains since they know what they want.

In the end, Kira decides to leave again. The show really has no idea what to do with her. She leaves. She comes back nothing gets solved. She leaves again. This time, however, she enlists the Skinwalkers to help her friends. It almost seemed as though these badass ladies would never be seen again. Teen Wolf should just turn into She-Wolf. The boys are slowing this season down. The girls are about to get it done.

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