Teen Wolf Recap Season 5 Episode 20 “Apotheosis” 3/08/2016

By on March 9, 2016

Teen Wolf’s season finale this year has been surprisingly satisfying. It was a lackluster season but not without its surprises. Now all it needs is a return to human stories without clichéd tropes and confusing plot lines.

Liam and Scott are in the middle of kidnapping the Dread Doctor that the Beast attacked from last episode. He’s still alive. Trying to discover what he knows is short lived.

Sebastian summons the Doctor and he escapes, using electric powers to trap Deaton, Liam, and Stiles in the clinic. Sebastian takes off the Dread Doctor’s helmet. It is disfigured and general disgusting. Sebastian calls him Marcel, his friend from three hundred years before. This is something that is very interesting but not explained at all. Understanding how and why Marcel did this would have been compelling, but it is glazed over in one line. Sebastian wants to know where the pike is that he was killed with. Scott overhears their conversation. Sebastian is going after the Argents. The chase is on.

Deaton and the pack discuss theories on how to try and save Mason from being obliterated by the Beast. When a werewolf is called by its name it is supposedly turned back to human. They have a theory that this will turn Sebastian back into Mason.

After being dormant for three hundred years, Sebastian Valet does not know how to drive a car. Luckily he has absorbed Mason’s memories. That didn’t slow him down for long. By some miracle, Mason is still alive in there somewhere. He might be saved yet.

Sebastian heads to the sheriff’s station to find out where the Argents are. This escalates quickly when Clark sees Stilinksi is in danger and draws on Sebastian. The only thing that stops him is when Lydia shows up with Hayden and screams. He slashes her throat.

Lydia has been out of commission for most of the season and now she’s back in the hospital. Is it so much to ask that she be an actual participant in the season? Melissa is still the most amazing mother committed to her son’s extracurriculars. She gives Lydia a cortisone shot to put down the inflammation on her throat. They take her out of the hospital to go fight Sebastian. Stiles goes to Scott’s house where Malia is fighting her mother. Corrine wounds Stiles but he gets the magic claws to Malia just in time. She bests her mother, stabbing her.

Sebastian takes Hayden hostage. They go back to the lair and find that Theo has killed his last and only friend. He took Tracy’s power.

Scott, Liam, and Lydia go to the tunnels where Parrish is fighting the Beast with the Argents. Theo intercepts them, paralyzing Liam and Scott. Theo has been a plague on this show for what feels like years. Deucalion warned Theo that his arrogance and willingness to stab everyone in the back would come back to haunt him. He literally told Theo he was going to betray him and Theo still didn’t listen. Deucalion shows up with Scott and Liam. They were in an alliance with each other the entire time. Deucalion breaks Theo’s neck but it doesn’t kill him.

Gerard shoots Deucalion causing Chis to turn on Gerard. Chris knew the entire time Gerard couldn’t be trusted. He gives Scott the pike while he holds off his father. Another interesting dynamic that was only used for shock value and not developed at all.

Scott and Sebastian fight, but he gets the better of Scott. Tapping into Scott’s mind Sebastian sees Allison who he recognizes as his sister. Even when she is dead, Allison saves Scott. Her similarity to Marie Jean throws Sebastian off guard, allowing the pack to take advantage and make their move.

Separated from the group, Lydia is trapped in the bowels of the tunnels. Kira kicks down the door with her katana. They confront the Beast together. With her banshee voice, Lydia calls Mason by his name, which is able to extract him from the Beast. Parrish arrives in time. He holds the Beast still as Scott impales Sebastian with the pike.

Of course it can’t be that easy. Theo comes back to ruin everything. Kira is miraculously able to control her powers now. She holds off Theo telling him that the Skinwalkers have a message that his sister wants to see him. Kira stabs the ground and his sister crawls out of it, dragging Theo down. The ground closes up behind them. What in the world just happened? What is the logic behind this? It doesn’t seem to matter because Theo is gone and everyone can move on from this horrible situation.

Stiles is not even an adult but he is planning to be a cop already. Maybe go to college first? That would probably be a good plan. Kira goes off with the Skinwalkers to do something heroic probably. The end of the season is in sight.

Everything has come full circle. Scott, Stiles, and Lydia are all in good places. Scott is the true alpha. Stiles is heading towards a chosen career path. Lydia can control her powers. Even Allison is present. The mere memory of her saved Scott’s life. If that had been an end to the series, it would not be the worst thing. As bad as a season can get, the ending was very satisfying. If the writers are considering a good way to end the series, that would have been it. The show is going to run as long as people are watching it. It is always hard to end a show, but it is something to consider.

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