Teen Wolf Recap Season Five Episode 17 “A Credible Threat” 2/16/2016

By on February 16, 2016

Voice over is really topical and an interesting new way to tell a story. Oh wait, it’s not the 1980’s. So begins this episode of Teen Wolf. Leave it to this show to be lazy in service of trying to make Parrish seem interesting.

Parrish wants Argent to find out what his powers are and what he’s doing even though Gerard could probably tell them since he is the known bestiary. Teen Wolf needs to stop pretending that dropping the audience in a random plot point makes sense. It’s just a cover for them not knowing what they’re doing.

Scott, Stiles, and Liam follow Parrish to the school at Argent’s request. They find a trail of dead bodies leading to a mass murder in a school bus. The Beast is the culprit of all the death. Parrish takes hellhound form and goes after it.

“What the hell is happening?” Scott asks. Unfortunately, no one knows. And it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get any clearer. When was the last time the Dread Doctors showed up? How long ago was it made clear that Gerard was going to use his extensive knowledge to help? So long ago it barely merits mentioning.

Immediately following this Scott and Kira decides it’s a great time to get intimate. Yes, this couple is finally reunited and it’s beautiful but there are so many loose ends that make no sense. Including the clumsy mention of lacrosse being a thing again. Kira has no control over her power still. What was the reason she left to begin with? Did the show just have no use for her and want her to get out of the way? Is there a point to her doing weird kitsune moves in her underwear? The world may never know.

Mason uncovers the fact that the Beast always shows up around transmitting frequencies. Whatever that means. Since the lacrosse game is coincidentally being recorded by local news, it looks like lots of people are going to die.

Lydia seems to have recovered from her hole in her head and banshee mania really quickly with no explanation. She is back in school with flawless hair. No questions asked. Teen Wolf seems to have gotten so obsessed with plot that actual logic and natural development has taken a backseat. Indefinitely probably.

Lydia finds Parrish half naked in the library stacks. Are there only three students going to this school? How was a naked adult man covered in wounds not discovered? She takes him to Chris and Gerard who have a plan to talk to the hellhound.

Scott and Stiles are determined to get the lacrosse game cancelled on the off chance a murderous hellbeast crashes the game and murders everyone. Coach Finstock has not been seen since he took an arrow to the stomach. This was back when Allison was still on the show. So many moons ago. The coach is the only one who can forfeit the charity game. They plan on breaking the coach out of his current place in the rehab facility to do this.

The Argents are concerned the more the Beast transforms the more likely the mass murderer in 1700’s France will take the place of the teenage chimera who turns into the Beast. They need Parrish to evolve to be able to stop that from happening. Their plan is to cool Parrish’s body so he can learn to control his hellhound nature –with a huge machine that has no real scientific explanation or reason for existing at all. Why do the Argents have a huge cooling machine? Another question not likely to be answered.

Even though Finstock promised to forfeit the game once he is on the field, he goes back on what he said. The game is going to go on, putting everyone in danger. While playing on the field, Kira’s kitsune takes over. Scott gets through to her and she remembers nothing. The pack is too late. It turns out that Parrish died in Afghanistan causing the hellhound to be born. And the Beast attacks the game after Malia fails to stop the local news from transmitting.

Chris and Gerard have only been convenient exposition pieces up until this point, revealing information only when it helps the story. Next week, this may work in their favor. Crystal Reed returns as an Argent ancestor who had defeated the Beast in France. After all this time, a friendly face may be exactly what this show needs.

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