Teresa Giudice Will Be Back on Real Housewives of New Jersey Following Prison Stint

By on August 13, 2015

Teresa Giudice will return to her starring role on Real Housewives of New Jersey once she’s sprung from prison. The has been speculation about what the reality star would do once she traded in her prison stripes though was there really any doubt that she’d return to the show that made her a household name?

US Weekly is reporting an insider report saying, “She’s definitely back next season.” Of course sources are confidential but one has to wonder if Andy Cohen is getting the PR machine rolling a little early. Between the explosions that happened on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the firing of Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards, and then Atlanta star NeNe Leakes taking off for greener pastures, the franchise has gotten some major publicity though has lost some of the housewives that brought the much needed drama.


Thankfully for Bravo, Teresa’s time in the big house is nearly up. She is expected to be released in December, possibly a little earlier and go to that even bigger house she owns in New Jersey. So what’s a housewife to do when she’s survived life in a 6 by 8 cell with a cot and a roommate that may or may not look like Juicy Joe? Of course the answer is write a prison memoir and then get back to the business of reality television.

Look for even juicier storylines with her husband Joe taking her place in lockup. With Teresa effectively a single mother, viewers should look forward to seeing how she manages to raise her four kids while cooking meals worthy of her next cookbook and maybe flipping a table or two.

The reality is that no matter how much Melissa Gorga hoped to take over where Teresa left off, everyone knows that she could never fill her sister-in-laws shoes. Love her or hate her, Teresa is is what makes the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Meanwhile Teresa has been a model inmate making good use of her time as she works on her prison diary while she’s behind bars. She’s been witness to prison fights that make all of the Housewives seem tame in comparison. Has Bravo considered a Real Housewives of New Jersey cross-over with Orange is the New Black? Teresa and Piper could have rival blogs about what really goes on in a prison kitchen.

What do you think about Teresa Giudice returning to the Real Housewives of New Jersey? Was there really any doubt? Will she pay all of her taxes this time or will she end up back in prison? Let us know what you think here at Haveuheard.

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