Have U Heard wouldn’t be able to get you all your favorite recaps and the latest gossip without the help of our writers. Check out who our writers are below:

photoAli Sibbaluca:

Creative yet savvy, Ali Sibbaluca lives and breathes all things fashion and beauty. A graduate of UNLV, with a BA in Journalism & Media Studies- she’s a current contributing writer for theteentrends.com and Have U Heard. Ali has also done freelance work for her friend’s Orlando based project management company; The Black Room Project, as well as authoring her personal blog fashionablylatest.blogspot.com. With a passion for expressing her talents through words, Ali is able to merge her two worlds together. Perfectionist to say the least, Ali’s eye for fashion, beauty and unique writing style places her in a league of her own.


Vincent Curry

I was lured to New York City by the films of Woody Allen and decided to stay anyway after attending NYU.  I show my love for the greatest, most exciting city in the world by either staying in all the time and watching TV or going to the movies. Occasionally, I’ll go out at night and take photos, which the NYPD just loves. Let me tell you. The judge and I had a good laugh about that.  You can read more about what I think and how much cheese I eat at angriestgeek.wordpress.com.

Bryan Brunati

Bryan Brunati likes  to start off every introduction by mentioning the fact that he grew up  in a tough neighborhood, where an average of one person  a day died of  boredom. He also once went a week without internet. He mentions these  details because the majority of successful people always make sure to  let us know they had a rough childhood. So yes, in a way, Bryan is  already calling himself a success. Bryan graduated from the University  of Central Florida with a degree in English, and quickly realized he had made a horrible mistake when people would point and laugh every time he said he hoped an English degree would help him land a job. Determined  to make a name for himself, Bryan stalked celebrities until he learned  something called “restraining orders” were a real thing. At 23 years  old, Bryan is more than ready to mold a career for himself out of cookie dough, if possible. Bryan loves writing, social media, television,  movies, sarcasm, awkward jokes, holds the record for consecutive first  dates without a second date, and once started talking in third person  and never stopped. Bryan also tweets at @awkwardlyquirky and can be contacted at bryanbrunati@gmail.com

Jefferson Grubbs

About Me: I moved to NYC after graduating from Northwestern University two years ago with degrees in Theater and Creative Writing for the Media.  I’m simultaneously pursuing my passions for acting and entertainment writing, which conveniently gives me an excuse to watch LOTS of television.  You name it, I watch it: intense dramas (Breaking Bad), political thrillers (Homeland), comedies (Girls), medical procedurals (Grey’s Anatomy), courtroom dramas (The Good Wife), sitcoms (Parks And Recreation), competition shows (The Voice), sci-fi (Fringe), horror (American Horror Story), fantasy (Game Of Thrones), musicals (Glee) and soaps (Revenge) — just for starters (the latest count is around 33).  I’m thrilled to be recapping two of my favorite shows for HaveUHeard: American Horror Story and Glee.  I also love movies of all genres (most recent favorite: Perks Of Being A Wallflower).  You can check out my blog for reviews of all the latest TV shows and movies at GetScreenAddiction.blogspot.com.  You can also contact me at MrScreenAddict@gmail.com if you need a kindred spirit to talk to about your TV obsession.

Courtney Danielson

Courtney is a self-proclaimed social media junkie with a passion for writing. Ideally, Courtney sees herself living the Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle; writing professionally about topics she loves (and perhaps the next great book series) with a dedicated audience/fan base… while wearing fabulous shoes. Realistically, Courtney can be found freelancing for a number of publications (both print and digital), blogging at her own personal pieces of Internet Heaven (The Blogtini and Royal Gawker), and tweeting via @C_Danielson.

In addition to writing, Courtney is also a sucker for reality TV, and anything technology related. She posts daily celebrity and entertainment pieces to the HaveUHeard.net main page, and can also be found recapping a variety of TV shows for the site.

Renee Daigle

Renee is a freelance entertainment editor and writer, who grew up in the shadows of the New England Patriots stomping ground. She graduated from Fisher College with an AS in Travel and Tourism, and Emerson College with a BS in Film. After Emerson; she believed, in her heart, that it was time to move to New York to pursue a childhood dream of becoming a music industry insider. She once called Atlantic Records, Elektra Entertainment, and PolyGram Records home. She has worked as an editor-in-chief for several national music publications. In between writing breaks, she can be found writing her first novel, a supernatural thriller, and reading scripts for Triboro Pictures. She also enjoys recapping her favorite television show: Criminal Minds for HUH. She can be contacted via e-mail: rjdaigle@earthlink.net.