Have U Heard wouldn’t be able to get you all your favorite recaps and the latest gossip without the help of our writers. Check out who our writers are below:




Courtney Danielson

Courtney is a self-proclaimed social media junkie with a passion for writing. Ideally, Courtney sees herself living the Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle; writing professionally about topics she loves (and perhaps the next great book series) with a dedicated audience/fan base… while wearing fabulous shoes. Realistically, Courtney can be found freelancing for a number of publications (both print and digital), blogging at her own personal pieces of Internet Heaven (The Blogtini and Royal Gawker), and tweeting via @C_Danielson.

In addition to writing, Courtney is also a sucker for reality TV, and anything technology related. She posts daily celebrity and entertainment pieces to the HaveUHeard.net main page, and can also be found recapping a variety of TV shows for the site.

Renee Daigle

Renee is a freelance entertainment editor and writer, who grew up in the shadows of the New England Patriots stomping ground. She graduated from Fisher College with an AS in Travel and Tourism, and Emerson College with a BS in Film. After Emerson; she believed, in her heart, that it was time to move to New York to pursue a childhood dream of becoming a music industry insider. She once called Atlantic Records, Elektra Entertainment, and PolyGram Records home. She has worked as an editor-in-chief for several national music publications. In between writing breaks, she can be found writing her first novel, a supernatural thriller, and reading scripts for Triboro Pictures. She also enjoys recapping her favorite television show: Criminal Minds for HUH. She can be contacted via e-mail: [email protected].