/Kim Kardashian Wins Millions After Filing Counterfeit Clothing Lawsuit

Kim Kardashian Wins Millions After Filing Counterfeit Clothing Lawsuit

In February 2019, reality TV star Kim Kardashian filed a $10 million lawsuit against fast fashion retailer Missguided. The lawsuit claims that Missguided ripped off Kardashian’s own fashion line from her company, KKW Beauty.

On Wednesday, a judge ruled that Kardashian was eligible to receive $2.7 million in damaged following a default judgment issued in a federal district court in California.

Kim Kardashian West opens KKW location in Costa Mesa, California

“Defendant Misguided USA Finance Inc. has failed to appear, plead, or otherwise defend in this action, and default was entered on March 29, 2019,” the court judgment reads.

The document, obtained by EOnline! adds: “Pursuant to the Court’s Order Granting in Part Plaintiffs’ Motion for Default Judgment, judgment is hereby entered in favor of Plaintiffs and against Missguided USA in the amount of $2,700,000.00 in damages and $59,600.00 in attorneys’ fees. Furthermore, Misguided USA is hereby permanently enjoined from using Plaintiffs’ trademarks in connection with the sale, marketing or distribution of its products.”

Kardashian has been fighting non-stop to limit the reach of knock-off brands, taking aim at such knock-off producers on Twitter.

The lawsuit claims that not only did Missguided rip off Kardashian-West’s clothing but also her likeness which was used in “marketing and sales” strategies implemented by the company.

Missguided, the lawsuit suggests, has been stealing designs and then using celebrities names in marketing materials to lure in unsuspecting fans of those celebrities.

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