/The Greatest Sluggers In MLB History Are Going, Going, Gone!

The Greatest Sluggers In MLB History Are Going, Going, Gone!

In Major League Baseball, one of the best ways to determine how powerful a hitter is is to look at their slugging percentage. The statistic was designed to measure a slugger’s productivity by looking at their total number of bases and comparing it to their at-bats.

By looking at doubles, triples, and home runs, slugging percentage gives us the best overall look at a batter’s skillset. These are the league’s greatest sluggers of all-time according to slugging percentage!

Larry Walker


The only Canadian born player to make this list is Larry Walker. His MLB career spanned 17 seasons with three different teams. Three times he won the Silver Slugger Award and was named an All-Star five times.

His career numbers are simply incredible – Walker retired with a .313 batting average and .400 on-base percentage. He also slugged 383 career home runs, drove in 1,311 RBIs and recorded over 2,000 hits. We’d call that a pretty prolific career!

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