/The Gabor Sisters Were The Original Socialites

The Gabor Sisters Were The Original Socialites

It’s fair to say that the Kardashian clan is pretty hard not to keep up with thanks to all of their drama. It’s like they almost will do anything to stay in the spotlight and momager Kris Jenner is the mastermind behind it. This isn’t the first group of sisters and momager to have the limelight on them for being gorgeous and working smart. The Gabor sisters were the first to do it nearly five decades ago. Born during World War I, by the ’50s, these sisters brought scandal to the world.

Think Kim Kardashian has had a frivolous marriage or two? Just wait until you see some of the relationship scandals the Gabors got wrapped up in. Two of them even married the same famous actor!

A Little Background

Did you know the Gabor sisters came from a Hungarian-Jewish background? Their father, Vilmos Gabor ranked up to become a major in the Hungarian Army while their mother, Jolie Gabor, was an heiress to a jewelry empire.

Magda was born in 1915, Zsa Zsa in 1917 and Eva in 1919. Chances are, if they remained in Hungary, they might’ve never become the stars we know them to be. They fled during WWII and headed to America. There was still more they needed to do before becoming free.

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