/Which WWE Stars Have The Highest Net Worths?

Which WWE Stars Have The Highest Net Worths?

WWE Wrestlers don’t have it easy. Even though some may criticize the “sports entertainment” venture as being “fake,” a lot of the actions, while choreographed, take a lot of mental and physical strength to accomplish — not to mention needing a high tolerance for pain!

Wrestlers come and go within the organization, but if you play your cards right you can use the WWE to be a star. Some wrestlers become movie stars while others start their own businesses that can land them a pretty penny. Here are the net worths of some of the richest WWE stars of all time — some of them are so rich you might consider a different career!

Brock Lesnar Is Worth Over $22 Million

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Brock Lesnar has definitely earned his keep within the WWE. Besides having a body that is just simply shaped like a gladiator, he’s also a proven talent within the company. He climbed the ladder very quickly, defeating the Rock to become the youngest WWE Champion at the tender age of 25.

Lesnar has pursued other ventures, including pro football and the UFC. Those didn’t take the star quite as far as he had hoped, and so in 2008 he returned to the WWE. He now earns $5.5 million from the company yearly.

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