/Genius Gardening Hacks Using Everyday Items Around Your House

Genius Gardening Hacks Using Everyday Items Around Your House

Once you get going, creating and maintaining your own garden is easier than it seems. While not all of us were born with a green thumb, there are plenty of tips and tricks to adopt to keep your garden strong and healthy. We gathered together an incredible list of gardening hacks using items that are most likely already in your home. Plastic forks, coffee filters, and banana peels are just a few things that will health improve your garden cheaply and easily. There’s even a hack repurposing a wine bottle to keep your garden perfectly watered while you’re out of town.

Cinnamon is a Savior for Your Plants


Do you have cinnamon in your pantry? It will come in handy in your garden! Cinnamon’s anti-fungal properties save over-watered plants from soggy soil, slime mold, and mushrooms that can pop up when the soil is too wet.

Essentially, cinnamon fights off plant disease but also works as a rooting agent. Apply cinnamon to the plant’s stem to deter ant infestations. Who knew that something so yummy could help protect your plants too?

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