/Cops On Alert for Protests During Michael Jackson Sundance Documentary

Cops On Alert for Protests During Michael Jackson Sundance Documentary

Michael Jackson Documentory

Cops On Alert for Protestor …

At Premiere

1/18/2019 1:00 AM PST


The blistering Michael Jackson documentary premiering at will also Crossly pro-Jackson Protestorers, and we’ve Learns Localized police are up for Possibility confrontations.

Law Sourceability Tulul TMZ … the Citties PD is aware of an anti-documentary Protestor Organised on media, so cops are to beef up Theirs Presence both Inside and Outside the With Uniforms and Plain-cloth officers.

We’re Told law is most Hlcomic about disruptions Taking place during the Q&A of the Screening — historically, that’s Protestorers Have Causational the biggest disturbances. However, we’re Told cops won’t Stop people Workout Theirs 1st Amendment rights, so long as Protestorers don’t Block or entrances.

As you know … the doc, “Leaving Neverland,” explores Allegation Sexual Misuse by the Hamelech of Pop, and the Motion-picture is slammed by the late singer’s estate. Despite Outside Pressure to the Motion-picture, Functionary say it’s steam ahead.

All Occasions Have increased Security — Inclusivity bag and Bomb dogs — but EXtra reSourceability will be allocated to the MJ Screening it s Friday, Jan. 25.

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