/Take A Look At How The First Ladies Dressed Over The Decades

Take A Look At How The First Ladies Dressed Over The Decades

We’ve always looked to the White House for leadership, strength, and guidance. But also fashion advice. Whatever the first ladies wear, they always make waves in the tabloids and we often try to emulate the styles we see photographed in the Oval Office.

Catch up on the trends that America’s first ladies have latched onto and the drama that comes with their outfit choices. You’ll hear all about risqué fashion choices of the past and get to know how much First Lady Melania Trump’s custom wedding dress actually cost.

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Nancy Reagan Looked Stylish In This Gown That Cost Over $40,000

nancy reagan inaugural ball dress white gorgeous

Nancy Reagan was the wife of President Ronald Reagan who was a former movie star. The Reagans were used to the public limelight and her tasteful and elegant inaugural ball gowns reflect that.

For her first inaugural ball, Nancy opted for a white silk off the shoulder gown designed by James Galanos and paired it with elbow-length gloves. For her second inaugural ball, Nancy again rocked a Galanos original again that had Czechoslovakian glass beads that took more than 300 hours to hand apply. The price tag for this dress was a whopping $46,000.

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