/What All Of Your Favorite 70s Stars Look Like Now

What All Of Your Favorite 70s Stars Look Like Now

Even if you weren’t alive during the ’70s, you probably know that back in that decade everything was groovy. TV was just becoming a thing, rock bands were as good as they’ve ever been, the fashion was unparalleled, and who can forget all of that shag carpeting?

We’ve come a long way since then, and so have the people who were famous in the ’70s. Keep reading to see what some of your favorite stars from back in the day look like now.

Ron Howard In The ’70s


Back in the day, Ron Howard was just a freckle-faced kid with a lot of talent. Ron has been in the public eye since the ’60s when he landed a major role on The Andy Griffith Show. After that, he got a part in Happy Days playing Richie Cunningham.

Richie was the calm amongst the chaos. He was the kid who seemed to have it all together when the rest of his friends were running wild.

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