/Where The Waltons Cast Is Now

Where The Waltons Cast Is Now

Created y Earl Hammer Jr., The Waltons first hit airwaves on December 19, 1971. The show debuted on CBS as a movie and ending up running for ten years. NBC then picked up the rights to The Waltons and produced six more TV movies. Without question, the lives of this Virginian family living through the depression left an indelible mark on audiences and a legacy that still endures today. Join us as we take a look at some of the most interesting behind-the-scenes facts about The Waltons, including where the cast is today!

Then – Judy Norton Taylor

Played by actress Judy Norton Taylor, Mary Ellen Walton was the oldest daughter of the family. When the show began, her character was a whiny teenager. As the series progressed and her character evolved she got her nursing degree and became a doctor.

Taylor was born in Santa Monica, California and made her acting debut in Hole in 1967. She then appeared in Felony Squad before being cast as one of the main characters in The Waltons.

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