/The Unforgettable Life Of Rockstar Freddie Mercury

The Unforgettable Life Of Rockstar Freddie Mercury

Queen, and its frontman Freddie Mercury, changes the face of rock music. The group produced hit after hit while Mercury pushed the boundaries of music. The legendary rockstar proved that having a unique style, putting on flamboyant performances, and even including opera in a radio song could work.

Mercury is one of the most engaging and admired performers of all time who sadly left us too soon. Learn all about his rise to fame and how he handled the pressures of stardom, even when he was diagnosed with HIV. The life of Freddie Mercury is even more incredible, shocking, and tragic than you would expect for such an incredible musician.

He Was Born In A Small Town In Zanzibar

Freddie Mercury was born on September 5, 1946, in Stone Town, Zanzibar (which is now part of Tanzania). At the time, it was a British protectorate. Mercury’s parents were Parsis from British India. He was born with another name too: Farrokh Bulsara.

Mercury always had an ear for music and began playing piano at age 7. When Mercury was 8 years old, he attended St. Peter’s School, a British-style boarding school for boys in Panchgani, India. It was there that he continued his piano lessons and developed a passion for music.

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