/Everything There Is To Know About ‘Hogan’s Heroes’

Everything There Is To Know About ‘Hogan’s Heroes’

Col. Robert Hogan led a group of prisoners of war during World War II from within a German army prison, conducting special operations against Col. Klink and Hans Schultz, who ran the facilities.

If this sounds like a historical narrative to you, you’ve probably never heard of Hogan’s Heroes, the sitcom that aired from 1965 to 1971. What’s more, you probably are surprised to find out, the show with themes like war and prison is actually a comedy! Here are some more facts about the popular television series that will make you say “I know nothing!”

Bob Crane Starred As Col. Robert E. Hogan


Bob Crane was an actor who was seen in a number of sitcoms during the first 20-some years of television. But he wasn’t just a TV star — he was also a disc jockey and a drummer. As the titular Robert E. Hogan, he was indeed a very importat part of Hogan’s Heroes.

Crane went on to perform in roles beyond his most famous one, appearing in other sitcoms including Love, American Style and his own program The Bob Crane Show. In 1978, however, tragedy struck — Crane was discovered dead in a hotel room in Arizona.

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