/The Final Curtain Call: The Last Performances Of Iconic Bands

The Final Curtain Call: The Last Performances Of Iconic Bands

Good things don’t last forever, and that includes even the greatest bands of all time. Bands stop performing for various reasons, and some call it quits much earlier in their careers than others. While the Rolling Stones are still rocking, Led Zeppelin played their last show in 1980.

Some of these iconic bands have lost key members like Nirvana, while on the flip side, other bandmates could no longer stand to work together, and broke-up. How many of these bands did you see perform live before their last show?



The band R.E.M had fans believing it was their last show three separate times. The last performance featuring the full band was in 2007, at their induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The band played a full concert again in 2008, in Mexico City, but without drummer Bill Berry. Fans believed this would be the last act for R.E.M, as they told the audience that it would be their last performance for “a long time”. But in March 2008, they took the stage again, for the final time, playing at Carnegie Hall alongside rock icon Patti Smith.

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