/TV’s The Rifleman Was More Than Just Another Western

TV’s The Rifleman Was More Than Just Another Western

The Rifleman ran for five seasons and starred Chuck Connors s Lucas McCain, a widowed rancher raising his son. The father and son duo lived in a New Mexico territory that was a popular location for sharpshooters to “visit.”

The now iconic show was created by Arnold Laven and helped jump-start the career of Sam Peckinpah, who wrote and directed several episodes. This is everything you need to know about The Rifleman and everyone who worked to make it a classic!

Forgiveness Was A Big Moral Theme


One of the recurring themes of The Rifleman was that of forgiveness. This theme was driven home in the episode “The Marshall,” where a convict became employed by Lucas McCain on his ranch. This act of kindness and trust was used to show that everyone deserves a second chance.

In another episode, a soldier confronts the General who shot his arm off during the Civil War. The General earns forgiveness by paying for the soldier’s medical expenses to express his guilt.

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