/Celebs You Didn’t Know Were In Same-Sex Relationships

Celebs You Didn’t Know Were In Same-Sex Relationships

Love is love, regardless of sexual orientation. As society becomes more accepting of the LGBTQ community and begins to understand the intricacies of sexual identities, these celebrities have come out of the woodwork to admit that they’ve questioned themselves at times too. People like Mick Jagger and Hugh Hefner were just experimenting, while others have found a connection and are still with their same-sex partners.

Katy Perry

When she came onto the scene with her first hit, “I Kissed A Girl,” in 2008, Perry merely explained to the press that she kissed a girl at 19 and that was it. She’s since dated many famous male celebrities and was married to Russell Brand.

But in 2017, Perry spoke at the Human Rights Campaign Gala in Los Angeles and opened up about that time she kissed a girl: “I speak my truths and I paint my fantasies into these little bite size pop songs. For instance, ‘I kissed a girl and I liked it.’ Truth be told, I did more than that.”

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