/Childhood Photos Of Celebrities Before They Were Famous

Childhood Photos Of Celebrities Before They Were Famous

Are celebrities really just like us? Before these A-listers made it in Hollywood, they were regular kids with big hopes and dreams. They may be on top now, but they still know where they come from. Check out these celebrities who’ve shared what their younger selves were like. A certain This Is Us star hasn’t aged a bit!

John Stamos

Here is John Stamos as an adorable toddler. The actor was born and raised in Southern California. Growing up, he worked in his father’s restaurants and reportedly had a job flipping burgers in Orange County.

Stamos skipped his first semester of college to pursue an acting career. After just a few weeks, he landed a role on ABC’s General Hospital as Blackie Parrish in 1982. In the late ’80s, he began acting in his most iconic role as Uncle Jesse on Full House. In April 2015, Stamos and his wife, model, and actress Caitlin McHugh welcomed their son, Billy.

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