/First Ladies’ Fashion Over The Years

First Ladies’ Fashion Over The Years

First Ladies of the United States have long been under the scrutiny of the rest of the nation. Take a look back at First Lady fashion over the years including the beautiful gowns and the designers behind them. Also, read about the controversies that have arisen over the years — especially with our most current First Lady! You’ll hear about her risqué fashion choices of the past and also get to see the dress she selected for Donald Trump’s inaugural ball.

See which gown Melania Trump wore that caused a stir.

Helen Taft

Helen Herron Taft met her husband Howard Taft while bobsledding at the young age of eighteen. They married several years after meeting and courting in 1860. She preferred to be called Nellie instead of Helen since childhood. She stood by her husband through each step of his political career including state judge, Solicitor General, and federal judge.

She was the first First Lady to ride in her husband’s inauguration parade. And the night of the ball she certainly brought the fashion of the time. She wore a gorgeous white chiffon gown embroidered with gold. Only two months after the inauguration she had a stroke. She was determined to complete her role as a hostess in the White House, and her sisters assisted her until she was able to do so on her own.

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