/People Share Their Best And Worst Experiences With Uber Eats

People Share Their Best And Worst Experiences With Uber Eats

Although Uber started out as strictly a transportation service, in 2014, it expanded and added Uber Eats, a food delivery service. While it was originally a good idea, over the years, people have been sharing more and more interesting stories about the service. Much like Uber, both the drivers and customers have had some crazy experiences while either working for or using the service. When it comes to handling food, it has proven to be a much more difficult process when relying on technology and strangers to deliver your meal to you. Now check out some of the best horror and success stories of people using Uber Eats.

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Waiting Hours Just To Cancel

Reddit user BaelZephyr has made it very clear that they will not be using Uber Eats after their latest attempt to order from them. They ordered their food at 1:45 PM with an estimated arrival time of 2:27 PM. By around 3:00 they figured something was wrong and called support.

Support claimed they couldn’t find a delivery person until 3:00 and gave them 50% off. However, they still couldn’t find a driver at 3:30 and BarlZephyr canceled their order at 4:00 PM. They ended up using the establishment’s actual delivery service, something this user advises you do in the first place.

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