/The Incredible Life And Times Of Roy Rogers

The Incredible Life And Times Of Roy Rogers

In 1911, Leonard Franklin Slye was born. He would grow up to become one of the most famous performers in American history. He is best known for his many “singing cowboy” westerns, with his horse Trigger and dog Bullet. He truly is the king of cowboys.

Over the course of his career, he starred in over 100 films, radio, and television shows and was a Western icon. His life wasn’t always easy, though. Keep reading to learn more about his personal struggles and triumphs.

He Was Bored So He Taught Himself To Sing


Roy Rogers was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. He grew up on a farm near Lucasville where he learned how to ride horses and care for all kinds of animals.

The Slye family didn’t have a radio, so they found ways to entertain themselves. Young Leonard Slye learned how to dance, sing, and play the mandolin to keep himself and his family entertained. These skills, along with his horsemanship, would later come in handy in Hollywood.

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