/Strange Things Happened Behind The Scenes In Hollywood’s Golden Age

Strange Things Happened Behind The Scenes In Hollywood’s Golden Age

The Golden Age of Hollywood is remembered for old school glitz and glamor, classic films, and legendary romance. It’s easy to look at this time period through rose-colored glasses, but the early ’60s came with enough scandals to rival our modern era. Hollywood has always been a place where people come to chase their dreams.

While many people found success and happiness in the Hollywood hills, others found that money only leads to more sorrow and pain. Keep reading to learn more about old Hollywood’s deepest, darkest secrets.

Jerry Lee Lewis Married His 13-Year-Old Cousin


Jerry Lee Lewis was 22 years old in 1957. That year, he got married for the third time. His third wife, Myra Gale Brown was thirteen years old at the time. She was also his cousin. During a 1958 tour of the UK, the press got wind of the news and Lewis was forced to cancel his remaining gigs.

Lee’s relationship with his underage cousin essentially ended his career. This marriage was controversial even for the late ’50s. Jerry and Myra had two children before going their separate ways in 1970.

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