/Check Out These Backstage Photos Of Musicians From The 1970s

Check Out These Backstage Photos Of Musicians From The 1970s

Rock and roll may have been born in the 1950s, but it really came into its own in the ’70s. The ’70s gave us some of our greatest rock and roll legends including Queen, AC/DC, Led Zepplin, The Ramones, and The Rolling Stones.

We know what happened on rock stages across the country during the 1970s, but what happened behind the scenes remains a mystery— until now. Keep reading to see some rare backstage photos of the good old days.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Sammy Davis smokes a cigarette while chatting with Liza Minelli in his dressing room, the walls of which are adorn with photos of Sammy throughout his career.

You might recognize the woman in this photo as the legendary Liza Minelli (daughter of Dorothy herself, Judy Garland). The man sitting next to her is Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis Jr. was born in 1925, so he was no stranger to racism. He fought against institutional racism both in music and in life. Sammy and Liza were pretty good friends, as you can probably tell from this photo. Liza was just 28 years old when this photo was taken.

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