/Little Known Facts About The Early Days Of KISS

Little Known Facts About The Early Days Of KISS

KISS is one of the most iconic rock bands of all time. One look at that black and white makeup and you know you’re in for a good time. KISS has been rocking on stages all across the world for decades now.

KISS wasn’t always the band we know them as today. They’ve seen many different band members come and go and they’ve gone through different stages of development to become legendary rockers. Keep reading to learn all about the band, from their R-Rated early days to their unmasking.

How Long Is That Tongue?


Gene Simmons’ long tongue is as much a part of KISS as the music and the face paint and the spectacle. So, how long is that long tongue? You can find differing estimations all over the internet. Some people have guessed that it’s 7 inches long. Some have guessed less. Seven inches feels a bit too long to be correct to us, but who knows?

Maybe this is one mystery that isn’t meant to be solved.

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