/Photos Of Old Hollywood Stars Behind The Scenes

Photos Of Old Hollywood Stars Behind The Scenes

We’re used to seeing the glitz and glamor of old Hollywood, but when the cameras weren’t rolling, our favorite stars were just regular people trying to make it through another day. Some actors had totally different personas off-camera.

Seeing Audrey Hepburn doing her own makeup before accepting an Oscar or seeing Cary Grant joking around by the pool will completely change what you know about these old Hollywood stars. Celebrities really are just like us.

Kirk Douglas

old hollywood 21

The world recently lost the legendary Kirk Douglas, which makes this photo all the more heartwrenching. Look how much fun Kirk used to have with his kids! In this photo, you can see Kirk lifting his two sons, Joel (left) and Michael (right) with a pole beside their Hollywood swimming pool in 1955.

Both Joel and Michael went on to work in the family business. Joel became a film producer and Michael Douglas became an actor.

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