/Busta Rhymes Fights Tears Of Joy While Surprising Janet Jackson With Flowers

Busta Rhymes Fights Tears Of Joy While Surprising Janet Jackson With Flowers

Busta Rhymes is giving Janet Jackson her flowers — both figuratively and literally.

The “Break Ya Neck” rapper, who performed his 1999 collaboration “What’s It Gonna Be?!” with Jackson at her Madison Square Garden concert Tuesday, used that opportunity to give her an early birthday present — and delivered a heartfelt speech in front of thousands.

“I don’t want to disrupt the programming too much, but I brought some gifts for you, queen,” Busta said, while another person brought her his bouquet of flowers. “We’re going to give you your flowers. I’m going to give you your bouquet while you can smell them.”

“In 1998 … I’m on the Belt Parkway going from Long Island to Manhattan,” he said. “I’m listening to Janet Jackson do an interview … Angie Martinez asked her, ‘What rapper have you never worked with before that you would like to work with?’ She said Busta Rhymes.”

“Excuse my language,” he continued, “but I almost crashed my fucking car.”

The duo not only recorded “What’s It Gonna Be?!” that very year, but landed a Grammy nomination for the song. On Tuesday, he proudly reminded their fans that the $2 million music video for the song was “the most expensive hip-hop video ever made.”

Busta (left) said he was "fighting tears of joy" during his speech Tuesday at Jackson's concert.
Busta (left) said he was “fighting tears of joy” during his speech Tuesday at Jackson’s concert.

Left: Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images; Right: Richard Shotwell/Invision/Associated Press

“You finally made a dream come true for me, queen,” he told Jackson. “I waited 25 years to be able to share this stage with you and perform this song. And I am so grateful that I’m fighting tears of joy right now. I just want you to know that I love you so much.”

While Jackson’s birthday wasn’t for another week — she turns 57 on May 16 — Busta had a cake brought onstage and asked the audience to shout “Happy Birthday!” He also honored Jackson’s dedication and patience as a mother, as she welcomed a son in 2017.

“This is one of the most beautiful, most gorgeous, one of the most incredible souls as a mother walking the face of the earth,” he told the cheering crowd. “Please make some noise in advance for the beautiful Janet Jackson for Mother’s Day.”

The curtains on Jackson’s Together Again tour, which kicked off in mid-April, will close in Seattle next month. While prior celebrity guests reportedly included Missy Elliott and Angela Bassett, Busta seems to have truly raised the bar — for how to treat a queen.

“You cannot play with the royal empress,” Busta said onstage. “Please know that.”

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