/Pete Davidson Reveals His Mom Created A Fake Twitter Account To Defend Him Online

Pete Davidson Reveals His Mom Created A Fake Twitter Account To Defend Him Online

Pete Davidson has always had mom in his corner — even in the back alleys of the internet.

The “Bupkis” actor has come a long way since “SNL” made him a star but said on “Family Trips with the Meyers Brothers” this week that those days were plagued by relentless backlash online. His mother, Amy, however, went to heartening lengths to defend him.

“It was like my second or third year, and it was a lot of not useful, typical Twitter comments,” said Davidson on Wednesday’s episode of the podcast. “My mom made a fucking fake Twitter account under the name @JoeSmith1355 and would respond to everyone.”

“But it was so specific, like, ‘Actually, I heard he’s working on himself and does that quite often,’” he continued.

Davidson has notably opened up about his mental health struggles many times in the past. Unfortunately for his No. 1 fan, the identity of his supportive mom was quickly discovered.

“This was the kicker,” he said on the podcast. “Everyone found out it was my mom, not through detective work. They found it because her username was @JoeSmith, but her profile was Amy Davidson, and the profile picture was Amy Davidson.”

He added, “So it was a picture of my mom, with a name that said @JoeSmith1355, commenting on all these haters.”

Davidson brought his mom on stage for the 2021 Mother's Day weekend episode of “SNL”.
Davidson brought his mom on stage for the 2021 Mother’s Day weekend episode of “SNL”.

Will Heath/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

Unlike his haters, however, the podcast hosts — fellow “SNL” alum Seth Meyers and his brother Josh — were impressed by the actor’s meteoric rise. When they reminded him that he’d achieved things most people never will, Davidson joked he was done.

“I’ll be 30 this year. It’s over, you guys,” he told the siblings. “The party’s over. It’s over. I’m starting to freak out a little bit. I bought a minivan but, like, wanted one. Like I had to get a car, and I was like, ‘I wanna get a minivan.’ They’re really — they’re the best.”

The trio erupted in laughter when Seth replied: “But you don’t even have a family, Pete.”

Davidson nonetheless continued praising his new possession for hilarious mundanities and said it has a “vacuum built in,” that “both doors open,” and that “it’s really fun.” As for his mom’s old hobby, she has long deactivated her semi-anonymous account.

The mother of two is now transparently supporting Davidson and his sister Casey by celebrating them on Instagram — under her real name. Meanwhile, Davidson understands that his public journey toward balanced mental health can be long.

The actor recently entered a rehab facility for post-traumatic stress and borderline personality disorder.

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